In a world where the latest information changes at the speed of thought, how can businesses not just keep up, but lead the charge?

The answer lies in finding the best AI video generator—a versatile tool that doesn’t just streamline video production but scales it. Imagine creating always-current training and internal communications videos in just a few minutes, crafting social media content so engaging it stops the scroll, or empowering sales teams with personalized videos that attract high-quality leads. The right AI video generator can turn these possibilities into reality–in minutes.

In this guide, you’ll explore the top AI video generators and discover which are best suited to supercharge your training programs and internal communications, elevate your social media presence, improve your sales approach–and more.

The best AI video generators of 2024

  1. Vyond: The most comprehensive and flexible AI video generator on the market
  2. Colossyan: Customizable and easy to navigate
  3. Runway: Ideal for creatives in filmmaking and the arts
  4. DeepBrain AI: Easy for non-technical people to use
  5. Synthesia: Realistic avatars or “talking heads”
  6. Fliki: Robust text-to-video features
  7. Pictory: Useful for making short, branded content from long-form text
  8. InVideo: Extensive stock footage library
  9. Descript: Ideal for podcasts, YouTube, and TikTok
  10. Peech: Automates the video editing process

Quick comparison of the best AI video generators


Key Features




  • 10 times faster than traditional video production
  • Use cases for any industry or job role
  • Features a wide variety of brand-friendly styles and formats
  • Offers a high level of creative control, including
  • fully editable video outputs
  • Unlimited updates save time and money


Free trial for 14 days

Essential: $25 per month, billed yearly

Premium: $54 per month, billed yearly

Professional: $92 per month, billed yearly

Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Agency: Contact for pricing


  • GPT-based script assistant
  • Prompt-to-video capabilities
  • AI image generation via DALL-E

Cloud, web-based, desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), mobile (Android, iOS)

Free trial

Starter: From $27/month

Pro: From $87/month

Enterprise: Contact for pricing


  • Text-to-video
  • Video-to-video
  • Advanced video production features, including green screen, object replacement, and image section replacement


Basic: Free

Standard: $12 per user per month

Pro: $28 per user per month

Unlimited: $76 per user per month

DeepBrain AI

  • Easy to use; has multiple presets
  • Integrates with ChatGPT, Google, Watson
  • Text-to-speech tools feature 100 voices in 80+ languages


Starter: $24 per month, billed yearly

Pro: $180 per month, billed yearly

Enterprise: Contact for pricing


  • Customizable AI avatars
  • Avatars have microexpression capability
  • Intuitive text-to-video technology


Starter: $22 per month, billed yearly

Creator: $67 per month, billed yearly

Enterprise: Contact for pricing


  • Simple text-to-speech and text-to-video tools
  • Extensive library of free images, clips, and music
  • 65+ AI avatars for premium clients


Free: No credit card required

Standard: $21 per month, per user

Premium: $66 per month, per user


  • Generates short, branded content from longer-form documents
  • Includes libraries of templates, images, and music
  • Automatically adds subtitles and captions to video


Free trial

Starter: $19 per month, billed yearly

Professional: $39 per month, billed yearly

Teams: $99 per month, billed yearly


  • Straightforward prompt-based interface
  • You can make changes and additions to videos with additional text prompts
  • Select from preset AI avatars or build your own


Free trial

Business: $15 per month

Unlimited: $30 per month


  • Edit video by editing a transcript
  • One-click imports from many apps
  • Intuitive interface

Windows and Mac (web-based for some features)

Free (limited features)

Creator: $12 per user, per month, billed yearly

Pro: $24 per user, per month, billed yearly

Enterprise: Contact for pricing


  • Automatically segment videos for promos
  • Generate daily videos from existing content
  • Features document-based editing similar to Vyond Go

Web-based (Chrome is preferred)

Free (limited use)

Creator: $99 per month

Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Overviews of the best AI video generators

Not all AI video generators are created equal. The best products on the market today are extremely easy to use, deliver high-quality, business-friendly outputs in minutes, and provide long-term cost savings for employers of every size.

1. Vyond

Vyond is the leading provider of cloud-based, AI-generated video software. The platform helps companies make videos for any business need, including training, internal communications, marketing, and sales, without the need for specialized equipment or skill sets.

In June 2023, Vyond added Vyond Go to its platform, allowing users to generate an editable video script and video in less than a minute. Create a prompt by dropping in your own content (up to 4,000 characters) or use Vyond’s ChatGPT-generated script to create an editable video script and video.

The editable piece is key. Most AI video solutions give you outputs you have to accept as is. With Vyond, it’s easy to make whatever changes you need to your AI-generated video. Whether you use the “Quick Edit” function within Vyond Go, or the full suite of editing tools in Vyond Studio, you can make edits in seconds. Plus, Vyond Go’s interface gives you a wide selection of video formats and styles to choose from unlike many “talking-head-only” providers.

Beyond Vyond Go, Vyond’s main video creation application Vyond Studio features other amazing AI-powered features like Text to Prop and Video to Action, instant translation to 70+ languages, 40,000 animated assets and templates, 3 million+ Shutterstock assets, and a simple interface that makes it easy for video creators of all skill levels to bring any video idea quickly to life.

Vyond pros

  • Save time: Create rough-cut videos in seconds by entering a text prompt and ticking a few boxes
  • Save money: Bring video creation in-house and use those budget dollars elsewhere
  • Get exactly the product you want: Content is fully editable from start to finish
  • Build engagement: Vyond’s enterprise customers report seeing 130% or more increases in engagement rates
  • Match your video to your branding: Easy brand customization
  • MP4 output file format: Agnostic to any system and able to be used by any program, including LMS and Courseware Authoring tools
  • Use for any industry or job role: Purpose-built for making professional video content relevant to any business use case
  • No image copyright risk: Videos are generated from proprietary Vyond visual assets, eliminating the risks inherent in other AI-generated image and video tools

What to look out for with Vyond

  • Some advanced features are only available on higher-priced tiers
  • Features a free 14-day trial, but no free version

Key features of Vyond

Vyond offers AI-powered video creation that’s extremely user-friendly and 10 times faster than traditional video production, in more than 70 languages. Build a draft of any video for any use case in minutes using Vyond Go’s script and video creator. Then use Vyond’s AI-powered tools, like the text-to-prop feature to generate any asset from scratch and video-to-action feature to easily create realistic movements.

Unlike many competing products, Vyond’s AI-generated videos are fully customizable. You’re never stuck with the initial outputs; Vyond offers unlimited edits and updates, saving time and money. You can edit text and swap out characters in Vyond Go, or bring them into Vyond Studio to tweak further. It’s simple to have all your content stakeholders review and edit directly in-platform, saving time and ensuring brand consistency.

Vyond pricing

Vyond offers users five paid plans:

Free trialAvailable for 14 days. Users get full access to Vyond Go, Vyond Studio, 700+ free video templates that jumpstart video creation, and a wide range of other free instructional resources. Free trial users can create unlimited videos with no duration limits until the end of the trial.

Essential: $25 per month, billed yearly. Includes three AI prompts per day and access to the Photo to Character creator.

Premium: $54 per month, billed yearly. Includes five AI prompts per day, export MP4 videos in 1080p resolution, export animated GIFs, access live chat, and community support.

Professional: $92 per month, billed yearly. Includes ten AI prompts per day, advanced tools including speech enhancer, and instant video translation.

Enterprise: Contact for pricing. Includes all other features, plus high-quality text-to-speech voices, brand guidelines, advanced security features, and priority support and training.

Agency: Contact for pricing. Includes all other features, plus brand guidelines, advanced team collaboration features, and unlimited rights transfers.

Final thoughts on Vyond

Vyond is the most comprehensive, flexible AI video generator on the market today. It serves the broadest range of use cases and has the most customization options in the generative AI space.

Whether you’re trying to train and retain employees, engage customers or prospects, or increase brand awareness, Vyond’s AI-powered features and storytelling tools can help you achieve the highest return on your investment.

Best of all, Vyond adapts to your needs. Make exactly the video you want to make in less time, for less money, with fewer headaches and more options.

Try Vyond free for two weeks!

Try It Free

2. Colossyan

Unlike some of its industry-agnostic competitors, Colossyan is narrowly focused on learning and development. Its primary use cases include corporate communication, employee onboarding, compliance, and sales enablement.

Colossyan users can generate videos from their own scripts using a library of templates, backgrounds, and avatars. The tool also offers automatic translations in 31 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Portuguese.

The company offers a free trial and three packages for individuals, small teams, and enterprises. Some features such as full avatar customization, live collaboration, and unlimited auto-translations are available only to enterprise customers.

Colossyan pros

  • Easily make talking head videos from any script
  • Pricing plans for content creators, small businesses, and enterprise clients
  • Lots of customizable features including custom avatars, voice upload, and voice cloning
  • Free trial doesn’t require a signup or a credit card

Colossyan cons

  • Some features are restricted to enterprise clients, which can limit customization
  • Scenes have a similar structure regardless of template or avatar, which potentially limits engagement
  • Like many types of synthetic media, Colossyan avatars are close enough to being lifelike that they can give users a sense of having veered into the “uncanny valley”—the eerie sensation when interacting with an object that resembles a human being, but isn’t
  • Some users report unexpected errors, which can be resolved by refreshing

Key features of Colossyan

Colossyan offers integrated AI support tools including a GPT-based script assistant, prompt-to-video capabilities, and AI image generation via DALL-E. These tools make it easy to generate custom videos featuring one or two AI actors.

One of the key benefits of Colossyan is its ability to customize content. Users can create custom avatars, upload voices, and add custom pronunciation dictionaries. All packages offer at least three videos per month featuring avatar conversations, which can help cut down on the sense of being addressed by a talking head.

Lastly, Colossyan has intuitive UX, making it easy to use. Several G2 reviews mentioned that the tool was user-friendly even for those without video editing experience.

Colossyan pricing

Free Trial: Includes just five minutes of video, five max scenes per video, 70+ languages and voices, and three auto-translations. Note that the free trial does not require a signup or credit card, but doesn’t allow you to remove the Colossyan watermark from your sample video.

Starter: From $27 per month. Includes up to 20 minutes of video per month, five max scenes per video, 70+ languages and voices, and three auto-translations.

Pro: From $87 per month. Includes up to 90 minutes of video per month, three seats, 25 max scenes per video, 70+ languages and voices, and ten auto-translations.

Enterprise: Contact for pricing. Includes unlimited video minutes, scenes, avatars, and auto-translations, as well as additional support features and branding options.

Final thoughts on Colossyan

Colossyan is a customizable, simple-to-navigate AI video generator tool with packages for users at multiple price points and needs. Focused on learning and development, this tool can help creators and companies build professional-looking videos even without extensive video editing experience.

However, some high-end features including branding options and API integration may be out of reach for all but enterprise clients. Plus, some users mention issues with voice syncing; combined with the near-lifelike avatars, this can contribute to a sense of unreality in the finished product.

3. Runway

Targeted at creatives and artists, this generative AI platform creates videos using text prompts, images, or clips.

In addition to generative AI tools, Runway offers video, image, and audio editing features, making it a potential competitor for video editing software like Adobe After Effects. However, unlike some other AI video generators, Runway does not offer text-to-speech tools or a stock library of customizable avatars. In addition, it can have a steep learning curve with it being best suited for creatives, not business people.

Runway pros

  • Advanced text-to-generative-video capabilities
  • You can create custom portraits from a series of images
  • Motion Brush allows you to “paint” over static images to animate those portions of the image
  • Continuously evolving toolset with new features released weekly

Runway cons

  • Video content isn’t editable in the traditional sense; you can either accept the output or enter a new prompt
  • There’s no way to make the output adhere to brand guidelines, making it not ideal for business
  • No text-to-speech capabilities
  • Targeted at filmmakers and other creatives; limited applications for business use
  • Steep learning curve, especially for folks who are new to video editing

Key features of Runway

Runway’s text-to-video tool, Gen-2, offers a relatively simple three-step process for generating videos from text prompts. Users can refine their products using the tool’s enhanced video resolution and transition features to create fluid videos.

Want to take your smartphone videos beyond the typical filter? Gen-1, Runway’s video-to-video tool can turn even the most ordinary clips into a cinematic fantasy world.

Other advanced video production features include green screen, object replacement, and image section replacement. Note that some features are more involved than others and may require you to experiment to get the results you want.

Runway pricing

Basic: Free. 125 credits total, limited access to Gen-1 and Gen-2 tools. Can’t remove watermarks or upscale resolution.

Standard: $12 per user per month. 625 credits per month and the ability to buy more as needed, ability to remove watermarks, increased access to AI tools, additional video editing tools.

Pro: $28 per user per month. 2,250 credits per month and the ability to buy more as needed, 500GB assets, even more video and image export tools.

Unlimited: $76 per user per month. 2,250 credits per month and the ability to buy more as needed, all Pro plan features plus unlimited video generations.

Enterprise: Contact for details.

Final thoughts on Runway

Runway offers a range of exciting features for creatives, including text-to-video and video-to-video generative AI tools, video editing capabilities, and image tools. However, its use cases are mostly confined to filmmaking and the arts—at least, so far. Business users may prefer AI video generators that are targeted to their needs and industries.

4. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI offers conversational AI technology designed to provide chatbot services. Primarily a text-to-video generator, DeepBrain AI has use cases in finance, media, and education, as well as customer service. Examples of this chatbot functionality include an AI tutor, AI job interviewer, and an AI hotel concierge.

DeepBrain AI mixes and matches from the deepfake AI category (i.e., synthetic media that replaces a person’s likeness) and the AI video creator category. Its text-to-generative output capability is very similar to ChatGPT, and the tool offers PowerPoint-esque drag-and-drop creation. Users can customize avatars and utilize text-to-speech and text-to-video capabilities.

DeepBrain AI pros

  • Easy to generate professional quality text-to-video products, even if you don’t have video editing experience
  • Integration with ChatGPT means that it’s easy to generate a script and then turn that script into a video
  • 100+ voice actors in 80+ languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, and Chinese

DeepBrain AI cons

  • Avatars can seem robotic and uncanny
  • Some user reviews mention issues with support
  • Limited features compared to competitors

Key features of DeepBrain AI

One of DeepBrain AI’s biggest selling points is its ease of use—you don’t have to be an experienced user of video editing software in order to use the tool. With multiple presets and a variety of use cases ranging from education to HR, DeepBrain AI is an accessible way of creating professional videos.

Stuck on what to say? DeepBrain AI integrates with ChatGPT to generate scripts for your videos. The company’s product also integrates with Google Gemini and IBM Watson.

DeepBrain AI’s text-to-speech tools feature over 100 voices in 80+ languages, making it easy to add voice-overs to video.

DeepBrain AI pricing

Starter: $24 per month, billed yearly. Ten minutes of video per month, ten minutes max per video, six scenes per video.

Pro: $180 per month, billed yearly. 90 minutes per month, 20 minutes max per video, 25 scenes per video.

Enterprise: Contact for pricing. 50 scenes per video, custom avatar.

Final thoughts on DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI offers accessible video generation for users without advanced video editing skills. Integration with ChatGPT and other large language models means that users can generate scripts as well as videos.

However, avatar selection is more limited than in competitors’ products and the final product can appear somewhat stilted and robotic.

5. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI-based “talking head” video generator offering relatively photorealistic avatars. Input a script, then select one of 100+ AI avatars to deliver your script as if it were a real person speaking directly to the camera.

While it provides some customization options, the quality and realism of its avatars may vary—potentially limiting its effectiveness for certain professional use cases. Additionally, compared to other AI video generators that allow for a wider range of formats (talking heads, animated scenarios with characters, mixed media, etc.) the overall value and impact of Synthesia’s videos may vary.

Synthesia pros

  • 160+ avatars, plus the option to customize or create your own avatar
  • 60+ video templates created by designers
  • 120+ languages and 140+ voices and accents
  • Integrations with other software programs, including PowerPoint, WordPress, and various LMS software

Synthesia cons

  • All scenes are essentially the same—a person speaking into a camera—which limits your engagement options
  • Avatars are pretty realistic, but synthetic media can cause users to have trouble with the uncanny valley effect, causing distraction because it’s so close to being lifelike
  • Particularly when viewed on a large screen, the avatars can be less convincing

Key features of Synthesia

Synthesia’s primary differentiator is the quality of its video avatars. On its site, customers mentioned that they occasionally mistook these avatars for real, human talking heads. However, even the best AI avatars still have a touch of the uncanny about them, especially on larger presentation screens.

Avatars are also customizable. Users can add microexpressions like winks and nods or create their own avatars using their webcam or studio footage.

Lastly, if you’re looking for that presenter-style approach, Synthesia has a range of talking head video templates to choose from. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, a marketing campaign, or an educational video, Synthesia provides options that cater to various needs and industries.

Synthesia pricing

Starter: $22 per month, billed yearly. One editor, three guests, 120 minutes of video per year, 70+ stock avatars, and one custom avatar.

Creator: $67 per month, billed yearly. One editor, five guests, 360 minutes of video per year, 90+ stock avatars and one custom avatar, custom fonts, branded share page.

Enterprise: Contact for pricing. Customer number of editors and guests, unlimited minutes of video, 140+ stock avatars and three custom avatars, translation and voice cloning, additional support.

Final thoughts on Synthesia

Synthesia offers high-quality avatars, intuitive text-to-video technology, and flexible pricing plans, including add-ons at each level for an additional fee.

Keep in mind that the quality and realism of its avatars may vary, potentially limiting its effectiveness for certain professional use cases. Additionally, if you’re looking to make videos beyond a talking head format, Synthesia doesn’t currently have this functionality.

6. Fliki

Fliki is an AI text-to-speech and text-to-video tool aimed at helping creators and companies generate high-quality video quickly. Use cases include social media and marketing, ecommerce product explainers, corporate communications, and elearning.

One of Fliki’s selling points is its library of royalty-free images and music, making it easy to create videos that won’t get creators in trouble with their chosen social network. Fliki also offers A

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