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How to Run Cost-Effective B2B Online Marketing Campaigns?

Times are tough. The economic fallout resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous as consumers and businesses alike have changed their buying and spending habits to survive. The challenge now is to do more with less. Adapting to a changing landscape will help your business now and in the future by utilizing cost-saving techniques […]

2020 Holiday Strategies to Adapt to the Changing Consumer Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across a number of industries. As a consequence, digital commerce has also grown exponentially over the past few months. Online shopping has made significant strides among consumers as they sought to replace the traditional and in-store sales channels. With the rush to meet the rising digital demand for […]

Nobody wants to see how good is your product unless you provide something to user.

Think about the conversations, not just the promotion. – Yashaswi Raj Kamra Yashaswi Raj Kamra is a Lead filmmaker at ixigo. He has created Train mein hai Ghar wali baat video campaign which got 20 million+ views. Read on to know more about Yashaswi Raj Kamra and his learning of creating successful video campaigns and […]

Having a video/campaign calendar helps plan the activities much better.

A campaign like “I AM MSME” made sense because it was local, it was a conversation starter, and topical in nature. – Rapti Gupta, Content Marketing Head at Instamojo. We talked to Rapti to learn from the story of creating – Instamojo’s ‘I am MSME’ video campaign. Read on to know the story behind the […]

Any content that you create has to be differentiated, making them pause everything else.

“Customize your video as per the platform, creating multiple cuts of your video asset as per the most relevant audience-interest cuts. Resulting in a stronger engagement and view rate” – Ayushman Chiranewala, Head of Product & Marketing – Fastrack, Titan Company Limited Fastrack has launched a new campaign – “Fit Outs by Ananya Pandey”. The […]

Responding to Changing Consumer Behavior Post-COVID-19 with Marketing Localization

At this point, COVID-19’s economic disruption can already be felt across the globe. To put it frankly, it has been a tough year for businesses this 2020. All signs indicate that while some industries are on their way to recovery, there is still a long way ahead to return to normal business operations. Many companies, […]

5 Ways to use Instagram’s new Reels feature for your business.

If you’re ever on Instagram, you probably noticed that Instagram rolled out a new feature called Reels. This new feature could be a great way for your brand to gain visibility within Instagram’s audience, that now counts over 1 billion users! Read on to learn all about this new content type and the opportunities it […]

Top 10 Video Analytics Tools For Businesses In 2020

The boom of online video content consumption has led to the rise of various online video analytics tools. Businesses who want to build and optimize their online video offerings need powerful analytics that cover everything from reach to video engagement to monetization.   What is Video Analytics? The analytics work on two levels – motion […]

10 Tools for Smooth Remote Collaboration �

There are plenty of efficient tools available to help us stay connected and keep track of our work progress, allowing us all to become better time managers. This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite task and time management, brainstorming  and data protection tools! Task and time management 1. Remote collaboration on � As more […]