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5 Ways to Drive Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Social Video

So much of our time online is spent on social media, and if all the statistics are to be believed, billions of hours of that time are spent watching video. Facebook reported that 500 million people were watching over 100 million hours of video content on their platform each day. YouTube tops over a billion hours a day. Add […]

YouTube vs. Vimeo: The Key Differences in 2024 (Updated)

Video sharing platforms are some of the most important tools for content creators, businesses, filmmakers, and virtually anyone looking to share their video content to a broad audience. And with each year, it becomes more and more apparent that these platforms can be immensely helpful for the growth, reach, and success of individuals, brands, or businesses. […]

Small Business Guide to Video Marketing

In today’s digital-driven era, video marketing has swiftly emerged as a dominant tool for businesses to communicate their message. With its ability to present content in a visually compelling and interactive manner, it’s no surprise that businesses of all scales are harnessing its power. The core advantage of video marketing is its innate capacity to […]

How to Optimize your YouTube Paid Advertising Campaign

**The primary author of this article is our staff writer, Sakshi John _________ The American food and beverage company Gatorade, which is well-known for producing sports drinks, makes $13.50 for every $1 spent on YouTube advertisements.  Videos on YouTube have proven to be incredibly successful, and offline sales have other advantages as well. As per […]

Video in Email: How to Maximize its Impact

If your brand wants a generous return on investment (ROI), there are few better methods than video. A thoughtfully-crafted video strategically placed in branded media, be it your company website, Twitter, or even an email, can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Before we get into how best to use video in email, […]

Insights From Nine Experts About How Advancing Tech Will Impact Video Marketing

The video marketing space is always changing. Whether you’re focused on the evolution of platforms (remember Vine?), techniques, best practices, or creative trends, there’s always something new to explore—and the pros are always trying to predict what’s coming next. This article is no exception. In a recent Forbes article, nine experts shared their perspectives on […]

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Video Production and Video Marketing

Many people think video marketing is reserved for large brands with Super Bowl commercial budgets, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Video marketing is an invaluable tool for small businesses in the early stages of growth. It’s designed to help you expand your reach, build an engaged audience, share your value proposition, and […]

The Problems With Behavioral Targeting

From its inception, behavioral targeting revolutionized the online advertising landscape and changed the industry forever. It arose from the need among advertisers to focus their resources on the audiences that are more likely to be interested in their brand. These audiences were to be picked among a large pool of consumers using their online behavior […]

How to Use ChatGPT to Create Great Business Video Scripts: 20 Prompts and Editing Advice for L&D, HR, and Sales

Table of contents What is ChatGPT for business? Pros and cons of ChatGPT for business videos What makes a good ChatGPT prompt? 20 ChatGPT video script prompts How to improve ChatGPT-generated scripts Sample ChatGPT script makeover Some final (Vyond-generated) thoughts   What is ChatGPT for business? Few new technologies in recent memory have shaken up […]

YouTube vs. Vimeo: The Key Differences in 2023

[Editor’s note: This article was updated on 12/23/22 to reflect updates to YouTube and Vimeo as we head into 2023.] Video sharing platforms have become some of the most important tools for content creators, businesses, filmmakers, or virtually anyone looking to share their video content to a broad audience. And with each year, it becomes […]