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The Problems With Behavioral Targeting

From its inception, behavioral targeting revolutionized the online advertising landscape and changed the industry forever. It arose from the need among advertisers to focus their resources on the audiences that are more likely to be interested in their brand. These audiences were to be picked among a large pool of consumers using their online behavior […]

How to Use ChatGPT to Create Great Business Video Scripts: 20 Prompts and Editing Advice for L&D, HR, and Sales

Table of contents What is ChatGPT for business? Pros and cons of ChatGPT for business videos What makes a good ChatGPT prompt? 20 ChatGPT video script prompts How to improve ChatGPT-generated scripts Sample ChatGPT script makeover Some final (Vyond-generated) thoughts   What is ChatGPT for business? Few new technologies in recent memory have shaken up […]

YouTube vs. Vimeo: The Key Differences in 2023

[Editor’s note: This article was updated on 12/23/22 to reflect updates to YouTube and Vimeo as we head into 2023.] Video sharing platforms have become some of the most important tools for content creators, businesses, filmmakers, or virtually anyone looking to share their video content to a broad audience. And with each year, it becomes […]

How to Get Backlinks to Your YouTube Videos

If you’re creating content for YouTube, you know that producing engaging videos is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly succeed, you need to get those videos in front of as many eyes as possible. And unfortunately, building a YouTube audience is often easier said than done! That’s where backlinks come into play. Backlinks […]

How To Decide if Old Video Content Is Still Effective

Video is a great long-term investment in your brand. However, despite video’s long shelf life, it’s important to review your content regularly to make sure it’s still serving its purpose. It’s true that video content can be useful for years until it starts to lose value, but if you think your brand’s video content is […]

How to Use Music in Your Marketing Videos Legally

Music has the power to make or break your video content. The right clip can make your video even more effective, engaging your audience more effectively than visuals alone. But if you’re not careful, you might accidentally violate copyright laws in your attempt to choose the right song.  Still learning the difference between acceptable and […]

What Women Watch Most on YouTube this year

In today’s digital landscape, understanding your audience is crucial for any brand or marketer, especially when it comes to differences in how segments of your audience prefer consuming content compared to others.  Women have immense buying power, making them a key demographic for brands to consider as they design their content. According to Forbes, women […]

How To Become Comfortable Recording Video

Creating videos entails more than just looking good and having a polished appearance. While some can be natural from the first take onward, a majority of them are camera shy and find it difficult to be confident while facing the camera. With the growing prevalence of video in today’s businesses, from sales outreach, webinars, to […]

Shoppable Videos: Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and E-Commerce

Take a moment to think back to 2012. “Gangnam Style” and “Call Me Maybe” topped the music charts, the last Twilight movie was released, and the “Fierce Five” dominated the London Olympic Games. At the same time, luxury brand launched a music video that started a “shoppable video” revolution. Shoppable video may be commonplace […]