10 Best Examples Of Best B2B Video Marketing Campaigns [2021 Edition]

B2B video marketing is not only something you should do for your brand as an afterthought, but it should also be at the heart of your marketing plans.

 Video marketing has been part of B2C marketing campaigns for as long as we’ve had television, but it is very new to the field of B2B marketing because it has always been more traditionally leaning than its B2C counterpart.

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Why video content marketing?

I know that confusion over demonstrating ROI, generating and closing leads is something that a lot of marketing teams are worried about.

With new video marketing platforms, you can measure viewer engagement to the second. You see which parts interested them enough to worthy of a re-watch, and you can even link your marketing platform directing into your sales funnel.
B2b video marketing statistics heavily suggest that B2B video content campaigns have more impact than ever now.

With millennials increasingly in charge of business decisions, a video marketing campaign done right can change the way your brand accesses market space.

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Here are some of my Top favorite Viral B2B video content marketing productions

1. Taulia:
For a field as B2B and stuffy as automated invoicing, payment and discounts management, Taulia made a surprisingly funny video to showcase their services. 

They run through a funny series of events that follow when a person doesn’t use their services. It is considered one of the best b2b marketing videos.

What makes it special?

● It parodies an already well-liked and award-winning commercial “Get rid of cable” by Direct TV. This is important because referencing a well-liked pop-culture rooted item can massively increase the appeal of your video.

● It looks at their work from a very self-aware point of view where they make fun of how hilariously fast the escalation of events is.

2. Method CRM:

Instead of giving us a run of the mill demo featuring a dull product description, Method CRM’s how-to video takes us through adding a customer care case into their platform.

What makes it special?

● The enthusiastic and energetic host, Errol, hold our attention with his upbeat tone, his enthusiasm, and charm.

● The video features the key thing that would be important to clients and showcases it in a positive manner without shoving it in our face.

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3. Slack: So Yeah, We Tried Slack

This is a case study video where the b2b video production team, sandwich video, ends up trying the tool they were marketing, and then they chronicle how it worked out.

What makes it special?

● It is a really funny video, and it holds your attention because of the fun element involved.

● The way that it features the tool clearly highlights the features and benefits, and you can see how easily it gets integrated into their work life.

● The way that this team gets used to slack lets us imagine using it for ourselves, which is an amazing feat.

4. Eloqua:

Their video series dealt with the story of marketing campaigns, the pain points of creating them, and has an almost dungeons and dragons like feel to it.

What makes it special?

● An engaging narrator

● Cute storylines backed with funny imagery

● Funny copy that targets customer pain points

● Instead of trying to fit everything into one video, they broke the content down into a series that held viewer interest and created buzz.

5. Adobe – Click, Baby, Click:

This ad hilariously targets the marketing analytics that a lot of companies tend to ignore. The ad looks at the common demand “get us more clicks”, and turns it on its head.

What makes it special?

● Buildup and punch line: we are engaged from the very beginning when we see something seemingly interesting happen at a fast pace. By the time the punch line comes, we are engaged to enough to appreciate it for what it is.

● The pacing and score of this viral B2B video are perfect.

● Because of how unpredictable the punch line was and how average the context, we can relate easily.

6. Dissolve: This is a Generic Brand Video

Taking a poem written by Kendra Eash called “This Is a Generic Brand Video“, they did what we would call a self-troll.

They filled in the imagery for the poem from their stock footage, and in turn, challenged the entire industry to do better.

What makes it special?

● The sheer tongue in cheek sarcasm of it that is poked at themselves and their users challenges their users and brand partners to use their stock footage for better videos.

● This video is amazingly funny, and because of it, super engaging as well.

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7. Salesforce:

This video flips the case study video model on its head. For a video that features the power of Salesforce’s products wonderfully, it barely mentions them at all.

What makes it special?

● The script focuses on the client, Barclays. Their struggle, their needs, the solution that they needed, what worked and what didn’t, it is all documented in this video.

● By focusing so well on the needs of the client, Salesforce displays what they do in a very powerful way. This viral B2B video content marketing campaign feels like a personalized recommendation than a marketing attempt, which is perfect.

8. Sprint Business:


Open a New Office with Sprint Business

This video is a perfect example of ‘one thing, done right’ philosophy in line with the service it is marketing.

What makes it special?

● Snappy colors, simple imagery, highlighting pain points so well that you cringe at the thought of moving that inefficiently, it’s all well done.

● The way this video is filmed, you can completely imagine the discomfort of dealing with suppliers and inefficiency of the system. When the video content finally suggests Sprint’s product as a solution, we are all hoping for it and thus are relieved at how comforting and easy it sounds.

9. Hubspot – What is Hubspot?

This video is a really good example of a B2B video production. It manages to explain exactly what Hubspot does, all while talking about why you need it.

What makes it special?

● Because it begins with customer pain points and the areas of technology that it targets, it has your attention right away.

● The quick and easy explanation gives a to-the-point introduction to the software, without losing sight of you, the customer.

10. Volvo Trucks: The Epic Split

This video is one of the best examples of b2b videos out there. Part of the live-test series, this video takes the sheer badassery of Jean-Claude Van Damme to an absurd level without hamming it up.

The entire advertisement is a spectacle to behold and it will delight you and tickle you in the nest of the ways while showing off Volvo’s features with panache.

What makes it Top B2B video content?

● Jean-Claude Van Damme does a split on Volvo trucks driving backward. He does it while standing on their wing mirrors and looking resolute and determined.

● His body is a work of art, and what he can achieve with it symbolizes Volvo’s message perfectly.

● Everything about this video is a display of the unique mastery of showmanship that results when giant well-made trucks, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Enya, sunsets and beautiful direction come together.


B2B video content marketing campaigns can be as powerful as any B2C campaign you have ever seen, we just need to make sure the message of the business what they offer is presented in the best way.

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