There are plenty of efficient tools available to help us stay connected and keep track of our work progress, allowing us all to become better time managers. This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite task and time management, brainstorming  and data protection tools!

Task and time management

1. Remote collaboration on �

As more and more teams continue to work remotely, there’s a lot to consider. We all need to manage our own or our team’s schedule and communicate across every platform, all while maintaining the StoryMe spirit. helps you avoid spending hours on sync meetings and endless email chains, and allows you to automate mundane processes and spend more time on the essentials.

Monday 01 - Managing a Team is Hard. Start Simple

On top of having a great planning tool, also does great video marketing! Hence why we invited them for a presentation at Video First Conference 2020 – which you can rewatch here.


2. Stay organized with Trello �️

Trello keeps every project organized. It visually recaps all your simple to-dos in a way that you can easily look over them to be sure you haven’t forgotten a single thing. This left-to-right funnel is super simple to use. We’ve been using Trello to get a solid overview of our individual and team tasks.




3. Asana for more complex projects �

For projects that are too complex for Trello, we use Asana. Asana makes collaboration amongst team members a piece of cake thanks to its intuitive task management interface. Instead of the cluttered interface they might be used to, managers will definitely appreciate this software’s clean design! 

Watch internal Asana experts share their best remote work tips on using the service to drive communication with a distributed team here.

4. Teamleader for frictionless project management �

Teamleader is an all-in-one tool that will help you run your business. From customer and project management to invoicing, it covers it all. Additionally, it allows everyone to directly track their time spent on tasks or projects, which is extremely useful when it comes to leading a team and keeping track of planning. They also have a blog called Worksmarter that contains tips, webinars and podcasts to maintain business productivity in times of Corona.Teamleader

5. Keep track with Google Tasks �

At the start of the day, you can make a to-do list using Google Tasks inside of Gmail. As our CEO Lorenzo says it, “This helps me keep track of everything and reminds me of what I’ve accomplished at the end of the day. For important actions, I set reminders to keep them top-of-mind.” 

6. Calendly for appointment scheduling �

Our current situation has compelled the sales team to take a new look at scheduling external meetings. We all know the hassle of emailing clients back and forth to schedule meetings. It’s time to forget about Doodle in order to find a date; just send a Calendly invite! 


7. Productivity through the roof with Notion ☝️

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for writing, planning, collaborating and organizing.
Manage your tasks and attachments, take notes or even write entire books and organize everything by project.
Notion recently announced that the service is now fully free for personal use, which is always a very welcome change!




Remote brainstorming tools

1. for mind mapping �

Mind mapping is a great way of organizing your thoughts when your brain is cluttered with a bunch of different ideas. Coggle makes it easy to add new elements and organize as you go – and it’s easy to collaborate on this with different people! 


2. iPad and reMarkable for note taking and drawing

That’s right, physical tools!

With their integrated pencils, the iPad or reMarkable tablet could fundamentally change the way you take notes during meetings as physically writing something down allows you to retain information for longer and stimulates new ideas.

The built-in Notes app supports text recognition, scanning and annotation, and the Apple Pencil’s native double tap to erase among other feature, making the iPad a powerful tool.

The reMarkable 2, on the other hand, focuses on providing a true paper feel without all the regular hassle that would come with paper – and they’re doing pretty great at marketing this with shiny product videos. �


And last but not least… security!

1. Team security on point with LastPass �

Stop using your childhood pet name or your mother’s maiden name as your password. It’s understandable that you’re worried you’ll forget your password and you want to make it super simple, but you’re practically inviting hackers to your workplace. Especially in times of crises, as scammers and hackers often exploit difficult times in particular to steal data. 

Instead, consider using LastPass to generate and save super complex passwords. You’ll only need to remember one main password and LastPass will save and protect all the others. This definitively means no more getting locked out of accounts because you forgot the password (oh yes, we know the feeling too well!). You can also share certain logins with your team, eliminating the need for tons of different accounts and helping to make your onboarding way more simple!




One thing this situation has definitely taught us is how to rock remote work.
Here are our 6 most valuable tips condensed into short video we made at StoryMe.

Hope this helps you guys rock your remote collaboration skills!



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