Whether you use video for internal communications in your company or are building an OTT streaming service, you must keep your content protected. That is why finding a reliable, private video hosting platform should be the first step on your journey.

But why is a private hosting solution superior to a public one for businesses? And how do you choose the best platform? What features should you look for in a private video hosting service? These are just some of the questions we’ll answer in this article.

If you want to skip straight to our top picks for private video hosting platforms, you can do that from the table of contents below.

What Is Private Video Hosting?

Private video hosting entails uploading and storing videos on a secure online platform that will protect them from the public eye and video search engines.

Unlike public video hosting platforms like YouTube, private video hosts give creators and publishers full control over content distribution and privacy. In other words, users can selectively choose who gets access to their content.

Private hosting platforms also allow publishers to embed videos on their websites easily, usually with a simple embed link. These services also come with various anti-piracy measures, helping publishers protect their intellectual property online.

Private Video Hosting vs. Free Video Hosting

Although opting for a free video hosting site can save you some money, it’s usually not worth its downsides. Private hosting solutions are a far superior choice for businesses and enterprises, and there are several reasons for that:

  • They Offer High-End Security and Privacy Features — Private video hosting ensures your content remains hidden from the public eye. This privacy is essential for most businesses since they work with plenty of confidential information daily.
  • Private Hosting Offers Publishers Full Control Over Content Distribution — Being able to control who can access your content is a feature most businesses need. That way, only you decide what you’re going to do with your content — embed it, sell it, or spread it around internally.
  • They Come With More Reliable Customer Support — Free video hosting platforms often have lackluster support due to their sheer number of users. Private hosting services don’t have that issue — their support teams are more readily available and can help you quickly.
  • Most Premium Hosting Providers Come With In-Depth Video Analytics — Unlike free hosting platforms, premium hosting services are usually bundled with rich analytics suites. This addition can help you save money you’d otherwise spend on a third-party analytics solution.

As you can see, private video hosting platforms are much safer, more reliable, and more lucrative for video professionals. That makes the extra costs of subscribing to one well worth it.

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What to Look for in a Private Video Hosting Platform

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of private video hosting platforms on the web, so choosing the best one for your business can be quite challenging. That’s why we prepared a list of must-have features to help you better weigh your options.

Built-In Video Content Management System

No video hosting platform, free or private, is suitable for a business if it doesn’t come with an intuitive video CMS. Most publishers have huge video libraries, so having access to various content management features like playlists, categories, and tags is essential. These management systems also allow users to batch edit, delete, or group videos, making large publishers’ lives much easier.

And if you find a platform with full API support, all the better. API access will allow you to integrate your hosting platform with various other programs or systems to streamline your everyday tasks.

Encoding & Transcoding

Video encoding is essential for optimizing your video for online delivery. Instead of dealing with cumbersome RAW video files, this feature will enable you to convert your video files into formats better suited for video streaming.

Although you can get a hardware encoder to take care of this process, your life will be much simpler if your hosting provider offers cloud encoding services.

Security and Privacy Features

Private video hosting platforms offer users high-end privacy and security so that business owners could sleep soundly at night. Some of the most valuable features you should look for when picking a platform are:

  • Secure Video Uploads
  • The Option to Make Videos Private
  • Password Protection
  • URL Tokenization
  • AES Encryption
  • Anti-Piracy Protection

Think twice before picking a platform if it lacks the above features. The last thing you want is to have your internal videos leaked, or your streaming platform’s content compromised.

Global CDN

Choosing a hosting solution without a fast, global CDN is just asking for trouble. A CDN allows publishers to deliver their videos to users across the globe quickly. Without one, users far away from your geographical location would experience intense lag, which would ruin their viewing experience. 

Although most hosting providers come bundled with a video CDN, that is not always the case. So make sure to double-check for this feature before choosing a hosting platform.

DRM Support

Digital rights management (DRM) software is essential for protecting your video content online. This tool is handy for anyone looking to start an OTT streaming service since it allows you to safeguard your content from piracy.

DRM software protects your digital copyright by preventing users from illegally copying, downloading, or modifying your videos. A quality hosting platform will be easy to integrate with various DRM solutions like:

  • Google Widevine
  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • iOS Fairplay
  • And more…

If you care about preserving your intellectual property online, look for a hosting platform with this feature.

12 Best Platforms to Host Private Videos for Businesses

Now that you know the most important features of a hosting provider, you’re ready to look for a hosting platform for your business. We’ve done the brunt of the research for you by singling out the 12 top private video hosting platforms on the market.

1. Brid.TV

Brid.TV logo

Brid.TV is an online video platform and video hosting solution founded in 2018. The company strives to help online publishers host, manage, and monetize their ad inventory at scale. Brid.TV achieves that by offering a wide range of services — from secure hosting and video transcoding to video header bidding solutions for publishers.

Besides cloud hosting on secure servers, Brid.TV’s hosting solution also comes with a global video CDN. That ensures your users get a lag-free streaming experience regardless of where they’re from.

Brid.TV’s hosting solution also comes with dozens of advanced security features, including URL tokenization, AES encryption, and support for several DRM integrations.

The company’s video platform also has a built-in cloud encoder, meaning you won’t have to spend extra on a third-party encoding solution.

But the best part about Brid.TV’s solution is that it offers much more than just hosting. Users who want to monetize their videos can take advantage of Brid.TV’s online video platform to easily set up and manage monetization across dozens of websites. The platform’s HTML5 player is compatible with both instream and outstream video ads, so you’ll have plenty of advertising options.

Key Features:

  • Private cloud hosting
  • Comes with a complete online video platform and monetization solution
  • Global video CDN
  • URL tokenization & AES encrypted videos
  • DRM support
  • GEO blocking capabilities
  • Includes video encoding
  • Easy-to-set-up ad monetization
  • Supports various video ad formats


brid.tv pricing screenshot

Brid.TV’s hosting solution and video platform have four pricing tiers. These plans come with unlimited video hosting but different streaming limits and platform features.

  • Free — This plan comes with 100,000 video plays, 50,000 impressions, no encoding, and limited platform and monetization features. Only suitable for users who need a place to store videos.
  • Essentials ($24.99/month) — This plan comes with 150,000 monthly video plays, 50,000 impressions, 150 minutes of encoding, and 300 GB of streaming. This plan unlocks useful features like access to the platform’s API, video analytics, and various migration options.
  • Business (Starts at $89.99/month) — This plan comes with 500,000 monthly video plays, 200,000 impressions, 300 minutes of encoding, and 1.5 TB of streaming. This plan unlocks some high-end platform features like adaptive streaming, a complete analytics suite, customization and monetization options, and more.
  • Enterprise (Custom) — This plan is fully customizable to each publisher’s needs. Users on the Enterprise plan will get complete access to all Brid.TV platform’s features, including live streaming, DRM protection, video header bidding, and much more.

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2. Vidyard

vidyard logo svg

Vidyard is a versatile hosting, internal communications, and video marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. The platform offers a secure hosting solution for corporate communications and sales professionals and allows them to easily integrate dozens of marketing platforms and tools with it.

Vidyard’s platform offers several handy features like password protection, IP whitelisting, interactive video elements and CTAs, and much more. 

Users can also track the performance of their videos through Vidyard’s handy analytics. These analytics allow them to measure employee or prospect engagement and the success of their video marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a fully-fledged video marketing platform
  • Various interactive features
  • Excellent security and privacy options
  • Offers extensive, self-serve knowledge databases for clients
  • Easy to integrate with dozens of marketing platforms and tools
  • Video SEO support


vidyard pricing screenshot

Vidyard’s pricing has three plans, one of which is entirely free. That makes Vidyard’s hosting solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

  • Free — This plan is available to everyone but comes with harsh limits. Users can upload up to 25 videos, have up to 5 embedded, and only enjoy basic video editing tools and analytics.
  • Pro ($19/month) — This plan is a significant upgrade compared to the previous one. Users can upload an unlimited number of videos but can only have 20 embedded at a time. Additional features unlocked are various CTA tools, password protection, and more advanced video editing tools.
  • Business (Custom) — This plan allows publishers to unlock the full potential of Vidyard’s hosting platform. The limits are fully customizable to your business needs, and users get complete access to Vidyard’s platform, tools, and analytics.

3. Wistia

wistia logo

Wistia is a reliable video hosting platform built for video marketers and podcasters. This platform’s selling point is its extensive marketing toolkit that helps businesses handle everything from content creation to distribution.

Wistia’s platform also comes with an easily embeddable and customizable online video player with dozens of branding options. The platform also features a rich video analytics suite and integrations with some popular CRMs and marketing tools like Mailchimp and Zendesk, making it perfect for marketing professionals. 

Unfortunately, Wistia doesn’t come with any monetization options, so if that’s something you’d like to have in your video hosting platform, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Key Features:

  • Secure video hosting
  • Dozens of useful CRM, social media, and video marketing integrations
  • Comes with a real-time analytics suite
  • Password protection
  • Various player customization and branding options
  • Custom channels


wistia pricing screenshot

Wistia’s hosting solution is quite versatile, as it comes with five different pricing plans. Regardless of how large your video needs are, Wistia will have a plan fit for you.

  • Free — This plan comes with 10 video uploads and only basic customization options and analytics. Only suitable for users looking to try out Wistia’s platform.
  • Plus ($19/month) — This plan increases the storage limit to 20 videos and unlocks additional features like player customization, basic analytics, and a few valuable integrations.
  • Pro ($79/month) — This plan further bumps your storage limits to 50 videos and unlocks even more features. Users on this plan can enjoy Wistia’s full analytics suite, password protection, and live technical support.
  • Advanced ($319/month) — This plan is suited for users with large video libraries, as it has a generous 250 video limit. The plan also unlocks access to various marketing and advertising features, advanced third-party integrations, and even assigns users a dedicated account manager.
  • Premium (Custom) — This plan was made for businesses with enterprise-level hosting needs. The plan is fully customizable to your needs and provides full access to Wistia’s platform.

4. Dacast

Dacast logo

Dacast is a global live streaming platform that also offers private video hosting services. But what sets this provider apart from most others is that it also provides video hosting services in China.

Whether you have a video-on-demand platform or use video to stream live events, you’ll find Dacast’s streaming solution invaluable. The platform offers broadcasters adaptive bitrate streaming, a global video CDN, and extensive live stream monetization options (AVOD, SVOD, TVOD).

The platform has generous streaming limits, so it’s suitable for businesses on all budgets. Dacast’s users also gain full access to its platform API, so they can easily integrate it with any third-party tools or services.

Key Features:

  • Includes a fully-fledged live streaming platform
  • Private video hosting
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Password protection
  • Robust video CDN
  • Platform API
  • Comes with extensive monetization support (AVOD, SVOD, TVOD)


dacast pricing screenshot

Dacast’s streaming and hosting solution has four pricing plans, each with different storage and streaming limits. Whether you need a one-time streaming solution or need to broadcast and store VODs regularly, Dacast will be able to meet your needs.

  • Starter ($39/month) — This plan comes with 1.2 TB of streaming bandwidth per year, 50 GB of storage, and basic security features and analytics. The plan is suitable for broadcasters with small streaming needs.
  • Event ($63/month) — This plan improves upon the bandwidth limits of the previous one, featuring 6 TB of video streaming. Besides that, the plan introduces support for video ads, paywalls, and additional analytics tools.
  • Scale ($188/month) — This plan comes with 24 TB of streaming and 1000 GB of storage, making it perfect for large broadcasters. The plan also introduces priority support and DRM protection.
  • Custom — This plan is reserved for the largest broadcasters and is fully tailored to each individual’s needs.

5. Brightcove

brightcove logo

Brightcove is an enterprise video hosting and video platform built for companies with large video streaming needs. The company offers high-end, secure cloud hosting and other video services, including OTT, live streaming, and video for corporate communications.

Due to its high-profile clientele, Brightcove offers some of the best privacy and security features in the industry. On top of that, the platform is infinitely scalable, so growing businesses will have no trouble upping their hosting and video needs later down the line.

Brightcove’s platform also offers extensive video monetization options, including advertising, subscriptions, and pay-per-view. The biggest downside to the platform, though, is that its dedicated support is only available to enterprise-level clients.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise video hosting solution
  • Extensive privacy and security features
  • Hundreds of third-party integrations
  • Live and OTT streaming support
  • Comes bundled up with various marketing and e-commerce tools


brightcove contact form screenshot

Unfortunately, Brightcove doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly, so users must contact their sales team to learn about their pricing schemes.

6. Cincopa

cincopa logo svg

Cincopa is a hosting platform that prides itself on its high-end security and video analytics tools. Besides its private cloud hosting, the platform also includes a fully-fledged live streaming platform and video CMS.

Cincopa has a mobile-friendly video player and allows broadcasters to deliver lag-free video experiences thanks to its adaptive HLS streaming technology. Users can also integrate Cincopa’s platform with various third-party tools and CRMs like HubSpot, Zoom, Mailchimp, and many more.

Cincopa’s higher pricing plans support multistreaming to various OTT devices, making it an all-around great hosting and streaming solution for all businesses.

Key Features:

  • Secure video hosting in the cloud
  • Comes with a live streaming platform and video CMS
  • Global content delivery
  • Mobile-friendly video player
  • Adaptive HLS streaming
  • Various accessibility and customization tools
  • Comes with a video analytics suite


cincopa pricing screenshot

Cincopa’s versatile hosting solution and video platform have four different pricing schemes. Whether you are just starting in the online video world or have enterprise-level needs, Cincopa has a plan for you.

  • Plus ($25/month) — This plan has generous limits of up to 40 video uploads and 100 GB of streaming monthly. However, only the most basic platform features are available with this plan.
  • Corporate ($99/month) — This plan increases the storage limits to up to 200 videos and 500 GB of streaming bandwidth monthly. The additional features unlocked with this plan are various video CTAs, player customization tools, basic analytics, and various integrations.
  • Enterprise ($350/month) — This plan is for publishers with large hosting and streaming needs since it removes all storage and bandwidth limits and unlocks the full potential of Panopto’s platform.
  • Custom — This is a fully customizable plan for users with enterprise-level hosting needs.

7. SproutVideo

sproutvideo logo svg

SproutVideo is a reliable video hosting platform with various pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. The platform includes multiple security features like GEO blocking, signed embed codes, and login protection, making it one of the safest hosting options on the market.

SproutVideo’s platform allows users to easily embed videos on their websites and customize them with their branding. The platform even offers integrations with various DRM software providers, an essential feature for anyone looking to build a VOD service

Key Features:

  • A reliable and safe hosting solution suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Advanced video privacy and security options
  • Customizable branding
  • Reliable video CDN
  • DRM support


sproutvideo pricing screenshot

SporoutVideo’s hosting service has four different pricing schemes. All of these plans come with 500 GB of hosting and bandwidth but different features. Users can extend these limits for a fixed fee per GB, which varies based on your chosen plan (cheaper for higher tier plans).

  • Seed ($24.99/month) — This plan comes with basic platform features and user engagement analytics.
  • Sprout ($59.99/month) — This plan unlocks additional features like account activity logs, video protection, custom pages, comment sections on your streams, and various other integrations.
  • Tree ($199.99/month) — This plan gives users access to advanced tools like GEO blocking, exportable reports, signed embed codes, and more.
  • Forest ($499.99/month) — This plan unlocks the full capabilities of SproutVideo’s platform (IP restrictions, single sign-in, and more).

8. JW Player

JWPlayer logo

JW Player is one of the most famous HTML5 video players on the web and has been on the market for over a decade. Although it started as an open-source web player, the company has since grown into a fully-fledged video platform and hosting solution.

JW Player’s platform comes with a video content management system, a robust CDN, and various features for ensuring your content’s safety. The advanced advertising options this platform offers are what makes it different from most others. JW Player gives publishers access to multiple sticky ad units, prebidding built into the player, and support for all industry-standard ad tags.

The only downside to JW Player is that it’s not beginner-friendly and has a complicated pricing scheme. So if you’re a small-to-medium publisher, this platform may not be the best fit.

Key Features:

  • Reliable video hosting with a built-in CDN
  • Includes various video monetization and ad optimization tools
  • Various DRM integrations
  • Full video and ad analytics suite
  • Also offers various OTT app solutions
  • GEO blocking features


jw player pricing screenshot

Unfortunately, JW Player doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly, so users need to get in touch with their representatives and create a custom plan tailored to their needs.

9. Vimeo

Vimeo logo

Vimeo is one of the most prominent names in the online video and hosting industry, and for a good reason. The company offers a comprehensive solution for everything video, including video on demand, OTT, live streaming, and corporate communications.

Vimeo’s platform offers rich and secure hosting capabilities with several valuable features like password protection. On top of that, it allows users to easily upload, manage, and embed their content through their intuitive video CMS.

Vimeo also offers cross-platform streaming and a few handy video creation tools for all users. The platform’s plans are versatile too, so you’re sure to find one suitable for your business, regardless of your hosting needs.

Key Features:

  • An all-in-one hosting, streaming, and OTT platform
  • Public and private video hosting supported
  • Comes with useful video creation tools
  • Password protection
  • Domain privacy features
  • Video CMS included
  • Cross-device streaming support


vimeo pricing screenshot updated

Vimeo’s hosting platform is suitable for individual creators and businesses alike due to its affordable pricing scheme. The company has five different pricing plans, including one free one, so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your needs. These plans come with 2 TB of streaming but with different storage limits.

  • Basic (Free) — This plan comes with basic platform functionalities and limited storage.
  • Starter ($9/month) — This plan comes with a 60-video upload limit per year and basic security features (password protection), video chaptering, screen recording, and basic analytics.
  • Standard ($25/month) — This plan has a 120-video upload limit per year and additional platform features like lead capture forms, on-demand video selling, and various premium templates.
  • Advanced ($65/month) — This plan has a gracious 240-video upload limit per year and unlocks features like virtual event and webinar streaming, live polling, attendee registration options, and various marketing integrations.
  • Enterprise (Custom) — This plan unlocks the full power of Vimeo’s platform and is fully customizable to each individual’s needs.

10. VdoCipher

vdocipher logo svg

VdoCipher is a private video hosting platform focusing on content distribution and security. The platform offers high-end security through various features like anti-screen capture technology, DRM encryption, content watermarking, and copyright protection.

VdoCipher’s solution comes with a global video CDN, ensuring smooth content delivery regardless of where your users are located. The only downsides to this hosting solution are that it can prove quite pricey for smaller businesses and doesn’t offer any monetization options.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and private hosting platform
  • WordPress and Moodle plugins available
  • Global CDN
  • Screen capture protection
  • DRM integrations
  • Customizable video player and watermarks


vdocipher pricing screenshot

VdoCipher’s private video hosting platform has a whopping seven pricing plans, making it one of the most suitable video hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Each plan comes with different bandwidth and storage limits.

  • Starter ($99/year) — This plan comes with 500 GB of streaming and 70 GB of storage. The starter plan also includes basic analytics, various security features, and more.
  • Value ($399/year) — This plan has a generous 2.5 TB of streaming bandwidth and 200 GB of storage. Users on this plan also get access to the platform’s APIs, Android and iOS integrations and SDKs, and more.
  • Express ($699/year) — This plan offers users 4.5 TB of bandwidth and 400 GB of storage and the ability to put their videos up for download.
  • Pro ($1499/year) — This plan has a 12 TB limit for streaming and 800 GB of storage. Users on the Pro plan will also get access to cloud encoding, which can help them cut costs on encoding hardware.
  • Plus ($2999/year) — This plan contains all the features of the previous tier but higher limits (30 TB of bandwidth and 1.2 TB of storage).
  • Premium ($4999/year) — This plan offers all the features of the previous tier but even higher limits (50 TB of bandwidth and 2 TB of storage).
  • Enterprise (Custom) — This plan is fully customizable to each user’s needs.

11. Panopto

panopto logo svg

Panopto is a video streaming and hosting solution that specializes in e-learning. Besides reliable hosting, the platform also allows users to easily integrate various learning management systems for their virtual classrooms.

Panopto has a mobile-friendly video player, a global CDN, and a fully-fledged CMS. These features make it the perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one e-learning platform.

The biggest downside to this hosting provider is that some of its plans are available in a limited number of countries. So make sure their services are available where you live before signing up.

Key Features:

  • Secure video hosting and streaming platform
  • Global CDN
  • Comes with a fully-fledged video CMS
  • Mobile-friendly streaming
  • Advanced video-sharing and search options
  • Dozens of third-party integrations


panopto pricing screenshot

Panopto’s hosting and video platform only has three pricing plans, including a free one. Both the free and Pro plans come with the same basic platform features but with different limits.

  • Basic (Free) — This plan comes with up to five hours of video storage and 100 hours of streaming per month.
  • Pro ($14.99/month) — This plan has up to 50 hours of video storage per month and unlimited streaming.
  • Enterprise (Custom) — This plan unlocks the full potential of Panopto’s platform and offers unlimited hosting and streaming.

12. Swarmify

swarmify logo svg

Swarmify is a secure video hosting platform that prides itself on its robust and reliable CDN. The platform gives all users unlimited access to its CDN, allowing them to distribute their content globally with minimum latency.

The platform also comes with a cloud encoding solution, which automatically compresses publishers’ videos for delivery. Swarmify’s platform also has a lightweight, customizable video player and allows users to easily integrate various video ad networks with its platform. That makes setting up ad-based monetization with this provider that much easier.

Key Features:

  • Private video hosting
  • Unlimited streaming on all plans
  • Comes with a built-in encoding solution
  • Customizable video player
  • Robust video CDN
  • Video ad network integrations


swarmify pricing screenshot

Swarmify’s hosting solution comes with three different pricing schemes. Each of these plans comes with unlimited hosting, bandwidth, and encoding. The only differences are in the available platform features.

  • Small Business ($59/month) — This plan comes with 50k instant-start video views, player customization options, and several useful integrations.
  • Pro ($119/month) — This plan comes with 100k instant-start video views, real-time video analytics, video watermarks, and various ad network integrations.
  • Enterprise (Custom) — This fully customizable plan gives users full access to Swarmify’s platform and features.

So Which Private Video Hosting Platform Is the Best?

With so many options on the market, how do you decide which of these private hosting platforms is best for your business? The answer is simple — pick the one most suited to your online video strategy.

If you need a hosting solution for your video marketing business or internal communications, choose a platform like Vidyard or Wistia. For enterprise-level video libraries, platforms like Brightcove would be perfect. If you prefer a hosting solution that allows you to monetize your videos easily, Brid.TV or JW Player are the ideal options.

Price is also a factor you should consider, so don’t forget to take that into account. Some of these platforms have more transparent pricing schemes, while others will require you to talk to sales before even getting a chance to try the platform.

Since you’re already here, why not give Brid.TV a shot? Our video platform and hosting solution come with everything you’ll need for your online video business. It even enables you to easily set up ad monetization through our intuitive CMS.

On our platform, your videos will stay safe at all times, and our CDN will ensure your videos reach your viewers regardless of where they are. Try Brid.TV for free today — no credit card required.

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