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Giving your business a brand identity is critical. The logo you choose is one of the most visible and important components of the entire brand. The logo often serves as the consumer’s first impression of the product and company. With that understood, you should make sure that the logo properly represents your business, and also draws consumer attention.

Perception is a major part of the overall appearance for your brand and business. So be sure your logo and business is something consumers perceive as something they can trust. Consumers buy into a brand when they purchase a product, and they want to buy into something that will help them. Also, the way a product is presented has an impact on the consumers opinion of overall performance, even after use.

A logo, in its basic form, needs to visually tell the consumer about your business and product. Your logo should serve as a way to exhibit your businesses character. So, to start off, there are a few questions you should ask when developing your logo:

Are there specific feelings or perceptions that you want consumers to associate with your logo and brand?

The colors, typography, and overall imagery will all play a part in determining the feelings and perceptions one feels. Make sure all of those components send the message you are intending to send.

How can consumers recognize your brand?

You need to differentiate your logo from other brands. This will help it stick out and catch consumer’s eyes. Your logo needs to be appealing and different, but not outlandish.

What is the best way to reach your target audience and design an appropriate logo for them?

You should design your logo to portray not only the values of your business, but also the values of your customers. If your customers tend to be very green conscious, then design your logo with that in mind. Or, if you customers are very into sports, incorporate that into the design. Doing this will help you hit your target audience more efficiently, and also differentiate yourself from other brands.

Logos have the power to sway customers in positive and negative ways. A logo is a way to speak to the customer and can be one of the first impressions a consumer gets of your business. The questions above can help pinpoint certain design features, and help you hit your target audience. Make sure you put time and effort into the logo design process since it is one of the most important and recognizable parts of a brand.
Author: Adam Alexander
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