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The use of videos in landing pages can be an extremely effective tool to help boost your conversion rates. However it can also have quite a negative impact if it’s implemented incorrectly. To make sure you are getting the highest conversion rates possible you should be following these 4 best practices for landing page videos.

1: Make The Video Simple

Avoid making the video difficult to understand or follow by using complex jargon, messaging and a lack of a clear focus. You consumer doesn’t need to know everything that goes into your product, they just want to know how your product can solve the problem that they are having, not focusing on the features but the benefits. The video should have one focus and help to make decision making simple.

2: Attempt To Educate Users

Educating users about your product/service is a great way to boost your conversions. Give some valuable information in your video. For example show how your product is used focusing on the benefits for the end user. Try to create the video from the standpoint of trying to actually help the user rather than to simply get a conversion and your video will reflect it.

3: Compelling Call To Action4 Best Practices For Landing Page Videos

Compelling CTA’s are a crucial piece of any landing page, so it’s no surprise that videos on landing pages also hugely benefit from strong calls to action. The videos CTA should match with not just the content of the video but also the content of the page. Every CTA should be aimed at getting the user to accomplish the same goal e.g. filling in a form.

4: Design Your Landing Page To Fit Your Video

Even if you have a great video, it won’t perform at it’s best to maximise conversions unless the landing page is designed correctly. Mimic the fonts, messaging, colour scheme and style of the video in the design of your landing page. Make the video the dominant factor of the landing page by giving it a large amount of real estate. The size of something on a landing page gives it importance, the larger it is, the more importance users believe it has.

When adding videos to landing pages you have the opportunity to vastly improve your conversion rates if you carry it out the delivery well. Remember to keep your video as simple as possible, try to educate users in a way that is beneficial to them not just to your sales pitch, have a compelling call to action within the video and design your landing page appropriately to reflect the video and give it maximum exposure.

Author: Christian Donovan
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