During our time as a start-up to scale-up, we’ve always enjoyed putting our employees in front of the camera on our social channels and on this blog. From behind the scenes content, new member video series, to day in the life video, it’s always fun to create employee content that resonates with our followers. Have you tried making a team video yet? Here are four reasons your company needs an intro video ASAP!

1. Employer branding video is low hanging fruit!

Many companies say they don’t know where to start with HR video, but the truth is your employees are the perfect place! You have the talent, personality, and story right in front of you, so why not start there? Chances are you have several people who will turn on their charisma for the camera. �

Tip�Production doesn’t have to be over the top for team intro video. Think quick and dirty! Wrangle your troops with enough notice so that everyone is around and prepared. On the day of, you can shoot and edit on an iPhone if you have to, or have someone bring in their camera for more ‘cinematic’ quality. 


2. Your employees deserve to be humanized with video

No matter your core business, humanizing your employees is never a bad idea! Whether they’re client facing or not, putting a face to the names your clients might only know from emails and calls is great for building rapport and bridging gaps. The better connection your clients feel to your company the more likely they are to trust you and remain loyal customers. 

Say hi to StoryMe’s team members. 


3. Get your employees more comfortable with video culture

Even if you’re not a Video Marketing company like us, there are so many benefits to getting your team comfortable with a consistent video culture! It will encourage more video creation on a smaller level whether it’s with clients or other team members, all the way up to creating social video for more visibility and more effective marketing efforts! 

Tip�Think of frequent internal video touchpoints like creating behind the scenes video, day in the life video, and a new member series to get people used video’s importance in your company.


4. Showing off your teams will take the pressure off

Not everyone loves to be on camera all by themselves! Featuring your company by team is a great way to see the everyday dynamic between its members and to get interesting conversation rolling.

Tip � Don’t script your team introduction too much or else it won’t feel as natural. Also, don’t be afraid of humor! Keep it lighthearted and your people will feel more at ease when it comes time to film.


Want ideas for your next employer branding video?



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