4 Ways to Create The Best Video CTAs For Higher Conversions in 2020

Video content is everywhere these days! 

And why shouldn’t it?

If you think about it, videos are a powerful tool to convey powerful messages and emotions that will drive your audience a step further down your sales funnel.

According to a report by Cisco, video content will account for 82% of the overall web traffic by 2022, so it’s no wonder why a large number of businesses use video marketing to better engage and convert their audiences.

As people’s short attention span and limited time reduce reading time, videos have become the best alternative to show the value of your product/service, increase your landing page optimization and convert more.

So, now that you took a glimpse at the power of video, are you ready to find out how to create the best video CTAs?

1. Combine Different CTA Forms

To make your audience click on your CTA and convert, you need to come up with creative ideas that will make your videos irresistible.

To do so, you need to deliver content that will keep them at the edge of their seats and make them want to take your CTA without overthinking it.

According to AdAge’s report, videos tend to lose about 1/3 of their viewers during the first 30 seconds of viewing, so delivering a unique video is absolutely necessary to attract their attention.

While this behavior is usually a product of our short attention span and lack of interest, the combination of specific video elements like attractive voiceover, compelling backgrounds, and interesting stories can help you increase your video average play-through rate and skyrocket your viewership.

HBO, for instance, has recently uploaded a video to promote the third season of Westworld.



While the CTA at the end of the video offers nothing more than a simple background and the phrase “find your path”, the lack of information urges viewers to heck what HBO’s mysterious video was all about.

When they click on the CTA, they land on a page that features the “Incite” logo, an about us section and a single CTA box where visitors can enter their email and sign up.



What HBO does to increase its conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to deliver an incredible interactive experience through its video and landing page.

This combination is an amazing way to excite your audience, build “hype” and guarantee its conversion since the landing page will continue the viewers’ experience and give them more reasons to support you.

And while creating converting videos can be a challenge, getting the hang of landing pages can be simple if you find an easy-to-use landing page builder to save valuable time.

2. Three CTAs are Better Than One

Having an amazing content idea that will awe your viewers is only one part of your successful video marketing strategy. The other half is all about how well you will get your audience to click on your CTA and become your loyal supporters.

To increase the efficiency of your video CTA, you should use a common technique that long landing pages already use.

As visitors might get distracted, longer landing pages usually have a double CTA placed at the top and bottom of the page to act as a reminder and increase conversions.

Now, you can use the exact same technique to craft killer video CTAs that will capture your viewer’s attention and won’t let them go until they have completed the desired action.

Here’s an amazing example from Coldplay’s Game of Thrones video:



Not only that but after the sketch, Coldplay also takes a moment to talk to their viewers, incentivizing them to go to the charity’s page and make a donation.

This verbal CTA acts as a powerful emotional trigger that will increase the viewers’ likeliness to convert.

After the first two CTAs, another call-to-action similar to the first one is strategically placed at the end of the video to remind viewers that the sketch was created for a specific purpose and they have the option to support through donating.

3. Boost Engagement with YouTube Cards

To fully take advantage of your videos, you should deliver CTAs that will engage your viewers with your new online business and products.

So, to turn your video into powerful lead capturing magnets, you should take advantage of Youtube Cards to include multiple CTA points for your viewers.

Here’s an example from Volterman’s crowdfunding video:



Apart from the two verbal CTAs at the end of the video, Volterman leverages the power of Youtube Cards to increase their engagement and give them further proof that the product is indeed functional.

Videos with Cards can be your two-in-one conversion machine that will highlight the benefits of the product and make them convert.

For Volterman, the use of video to power-up its new product and make more people contribute to its success is one of the best ways to do marketing on a budget and have more supporters in the most cost-effective way.

4. Make Your CTA Stand Out

The last you need to know to convert more with video is that your CTAs need to stand out like a Christmas tree.

What successful video marketing examples have shown us is that placing a weak CTA might go unnoticed due to the fast-paced character of videos.

To make sure that your viewer won’t miss your CTA, you should find a way to make it pop even when your colors and background are too dark or complex.

Here’s an amazing example from Dollar Shave Club:



For the Dollar Shave Club, the white bold font and black background increase the visibility of the CTA, whereas the lack of any other visual elements minimizes distractions in the most effective way.


To create the best video CTAs you should make them as engaging as possible, make them stand out, and include more than one CTA to guarantee your viewers’ conversion.

As viewers tend to be easily distracted, you should plan your CTAs carefully, even placing them at the beginning or middle of your video to catch the viewers who won’t watch the entire video.

Since videos have become a massive conversion tool that can deliver unique experiences, leveraging it to promote your business or service will help you promote your growth and accomplish more in less time.


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