If you’re ever on Instagram, you probably noticed that Instagram rolled out a new feature called Reels. This new feature could be a great way for your brand to gain visibility within Instagram’s audience, that now counts over 1 billion users! Read on to learn all about this new content type and the opportunities it could offer for your business. �

First of all, what is IG Reels? 

Reels is actually Instagram’s response to the immensely popular platform TikTok. Just like TikTok, the new IG Reels feature allows anyone to record and edit vertical 15-second video clips and convert them into a unique and fun video! Instagram users & brands can now get creative with lots of options such as music, visual effects and video speed, allowing you to create quality content that’s still informal and authentic.  



Why should you consider trying Reels for your business?

1. Get greater visibility

Reels gets a prime positioning within the Instagram app, right at the top of a user’s explore page & taking up most of the screen. Asides from featuring on people’s Explore Feed and Stories, video content made with Reels is also shown on the new “Reels” tab on a user’s profile, attracting even more eyes to this new type of video content! 

Reels feed

What’s more, the Reels feed doesn’t just show users content from the profiles they follow, it also shows any Reels that are popular and trending on Instagram. So as a brand, now’s the time to enjoy the exposure reels and Instagram’s one billion users currently provide!


2. Reach a young audience

Instagram’s new format is a great opportunity to reach a young audience, that of Generation Z and an increasing share of Millennials. These are the audiences that spend a lot of time on TikTok, and are now also likely to be found more & more on Instagram Reels. 


5 Ways to use Reels for your business

1. Connect through A
uthentic Content

Instagram Reels don’t have to be perfectly executed in high definition – on the contrary, they can be snappy, fun and authentic! It’s a chance for brands and creators to show their human and informal side, which is great to build trust and engagement from your community. 

A great example is the video below by Balmain – a haute couture brand that we would usually see in luxurious, picture-perfect campaigns, that now took the DIY route to create some fun video content about their handbags on Instagram Reels. The fact that this video was linked to a top topical like Bastille Day made this piece of content all the more successful! �


2. Share Educational Content

Educational content doesn’t need to be lengthy and complicated! With Instagram Reels, you can easily share tips & tricks in an engaging way – we’ve seen great educational content from businesses in the travel, food, fashion, photography and many other industries! With reels you can educate your audience about your product, rather than promoting your product in a commercial way. Nokia did a great job with this reel in which they give a tutorial for better photography with their smartphones.


3. Showcase your Products Differently

Thanks to the easy editing possibilities and fun effects, you can showcase your products in an authentic way that’s different from how you would normally show them in other marketing campaigns. ASOS does a great job of presenting their new clothes in a fun way by letting different models show their outfits through clever editing!

Remember to use hashtags so that your products show up on the feed for anyone interested in it! �

4. Behind The Scenes Content

People love to get to see things they don’t usually see! Engage & surprise your audience with behind the scenes content that will keep them following your brand. In the following example, film maker Naka shows how he created the smoky effect for KonaRed, which is a subtle way to promote the product at the same time. 



5. Start or Participate in a Challenge

Everyone loves a good challenge! Especially in quarantine times… Online challenges have taken online platforms like TikTok and Instagram by storm, so as a brand, why not join the trend or start your own challenge? Sephora hit the spot when they started this make-up challenge in collaboration with a famous make-up artist. The Reel has over 1.9 million views! 



Hope this inspired you to try Reels in the near future! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Video experts to get tailored advice for your communication strategy.



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