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Online videos have become a very important tool for sharing information. When you consider that YouTube is the second-largest search engine (Google being the first), you realize the incredible reach your brand can have through social networking sites by using video.

Videos are also an effective marketing tool. Videos can help your blog or business be discovered and drive consumer engagement. You want your how-to, testimonial and other videos to be indexed on search engines to take advantage of the potential exposure of your video to millions of Web users.

If you’re looking to introduce video content to your marketing campaigns, Google’s “Introduction to Video Markup” video is a great resource. It’s full of tips for making sure your videos are indexed on search engines. Google recommends the following six best practices to ensure your business videos show up in search results when people search for your type of products and services:

1. Mark up your videos with

2. There are two ways to submit your video information to Google:

  • Add video information to an existing Sitemap
  • Submit an mRSS feed for your site as a Sitemap

3. If you remove videos from your site, be sure to tell Google.

4. Create high-quality thumbnail images.

5. In site design, don’t use complex JavaScript or Flash setup in your video pages. Tips are given in the video.

6. Create an awesome user experience. In addition to great video content, you should design the HTML pages around your content.

In the video below, Google’s Henry Zhang explains the steps to ensuring your videos are indexed properly on search engines.

Author: Julia Harris
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