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Viral video marketing is a thing, but is it worth the time and effort? It’s kind of hard to just make a viral video even if you’re incredibly creative. But maybe a few factors can help you know where to start when it comes to creating such a video. The following nine factors come from Video Insider’s article on the subject. None of these guarantee a viral video but it gives some insight. Many times, you can have all of the elements discussed here and the video doesn’t take off for some reason. But you can at least increase your chances.

What Goes Into A Viral Video?

So what are the factors?

1. Authenticity. A sense of realness, something in-the-moment, something that doesn’t look planned out.

2. Not reproducible. Something that happens in the moment and not likely to be able to be repeated.

3. Odd. It beckons viewers to say, “Huh?” or “What? How does this happen?” or you know, something similar.

4. Humor. One of the biggest key factors of so many viral videos. Probably the one part of the list that makes you go, “Well, duh.”

5. Musical. Music is huge on YouTube and if you can create something catchy AND humorous, then you’ve got something golden.

6. Surprising. This sort of goes along with numbers 1, 2, and maybe even 3 on the list. Some of the best viral videos have that “moment” in it where something unpredictable happens.

7. Impressive. Any kind of feat, stunt, or talent that looks impossible but is successfully managed can add a “look at this!” factor to a video.

8. Parodies. This is leveraging popular entertainment in a witty way. People are already naturally looking for these popular things anyway, and a good parody of it can get nearly as much attention.

9. Timely. Making a video about something that is current and being discussed can lend a video relevance. This goes along with “parodies” where you want to leverage something that is either coming out (video game release, songs, movies, etc.) or has recently become popular.

Just remember there is an art to this. Even though there is a science to the factors of a viral video, it usually takes some ingenuity and some luck.

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