Video marketing     •     2019-04-18T03:04:59+00:00
Image of Video Cameras from Microgen/Shutterstock
There are so many options for cameras on the market. Choosing the right one to purchase, or just to use for a video project, can be challenging. In…
Video marketing     •     2019-04-16T04:15:43+00:00
In the attention economy, Instagram Stories are very rich. Everyone is getting in on the trend. So how do you keep people watching those enticing vertical videos, day in and day out? Whether you run…
Video marketing     •     2019-03-20T12:36:58+00:00
We have great news for all live video aficionados out there! You can now use Shakr templates to make overlay videos for your live stream.
Facebook live videos are starting to become more and more…

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