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A YouTube video can be an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing. With the number of options that are available for sharing the material, you could easily find website owners based in another country are showing your material – without you lifting a finger. The problem with using YouTube is finding that perfect hook that can get the attention of your target audience. While you could use keywords, phrases and other optimization tactics to bring viewers to your video, it’s the content of the video that will turn them into customers, clients or leads.

The content in a YouTube video matters as much the text does on a website. If you don’t have quality videos, then the entire campaign can be a waste of your time. You need to have that special hook that can pique the interest of your audience and encourage them to learn more about your business or subscribe to your channel. The more visitors you engage, the better are your chances for revenue.

How Can You Find that Perfect Hook for the Videos?

Unfortunately, finding that perfect delivery method for your YouTube video could take a bit of trial and error. What works for one business platform may not work the same way for another. While some of the most popular and successful YouTubers “winged” their way through it, developing a strategy could help you plan out how the marketing campaign will unfold. You need to look closely at:


The Target Audience

Who are the people you are targeting for the videos? This can help set the tempo of each development. Any good marketing strategy has a report about the target audience and the major demographics of customers. Use this data to give you an idea about what kind of YouTube video to produce. For instance, you wouldn’t show videos with hyperactive teenagers if you were selling denture adhesive – unless that was your gimmick about feeling young.


Promoting High Energy

You can promote a high energy atmosphere without the hyperactive teens mentioned above. High energy videos tend to do well with a wide variety of audience types. If your audience prefers a lower impact for viewing, it won’t take you long to discover this fact.


Providing Quality Information

Videos that provide the viewer with information are usually the ones that experience higher audience retention rates. If you create a YouTube video that the majority of people are leaving within the first 20 seconds, you need to rethink your development strategy. Assume your audience wants to learn something new immediately. The more informative the video is, the better off you’ll be. However, never underestimate the major factor that entertainment can play into retention rates. Entertaining information always does well across a variety of business niches.


The YouTube Video Length

If you can keep the audience’s attention for a ten minute video, then you’ll be doing better than many developers. A series of short five minute videos can do wonders for your business and it shouldn’t take long to create and upload them.


Monetizing the YouTube Video

If you are using original and non-copyrighted material, you can monetize the YouTube video in order to develop a slight revenue stream from advertisements shown with your video. Unless you turn your company into a YouTube sensation, don’t expect a huge financial gain. However, it could produce a bit of income to make the time worthwhile.

Developing videos for YouTube can be incredibly easy and cheap to implement in your marketing strategies. Since the embedding code is available, you can also add your videos to the website in order to give your visitors additional media to absorb. The possibilities are great – if you can find that perfect hook for your business plan.
Author: Ken Myers
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