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Google is serious about the interests of its users and it reflects in its business policy. Recently Google has acquired a company known as “FameBit“, which positions itself as an influencer marketing platform for businesses. It aims to promote branded content and promises excellent opportunities for YouTube publishers to market their content.

As a creator of videos or as an advertiser, you can earn revenue through YouTube’s partner program. You can monetize your video content in a variety of ways. From pop up banners to pre-roll ads, YouTube offers you enormous opportunities to make money from your video content.

If a brand is featured in your YouTube video, you’re likely to be rewarded by the brand. You can go for promotions and sponsorships. Now Google is going to help you connect with the brands so that both the brands and the video creators may get benefited. Google says that the recently acquired FameBit will create a number of opportunities for branded content to help video creators earn even more money.

FameBit has created a marketplace, which connects the creators with the brands. Now, this technology will also help both the brands and the agencies to connect with video creators and promotion partners. It’s also designed to empower video content creators as this technology gives them the power to deal with brands on their own terms.

Author: Nashaat Quadri
Courtesy: www.techmagnate.com

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