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Personalization and persuasion are the latest trends in capturing attention. Although emails can be made personalized and persuasive, there’s nothing like a real-time conversation. A medium that covers all the critical non-verbal elements of communication should be the medium you choose. Why? It’s the next best thing to being there in person, and it differentiates you and helps you stand out, ultimately making you more memorable.

Videos re-humanize communication. At a time when 90 per cent of phone calls aren’t answered, conversations are much more effective when people can see, hear and experience you in person as opposed to an email thread or a text communication. Email and text communications can easily get misconstrued, while videos are clearer and more natural.

In fact, according to WordStream, viewers retain 95 per cent of a communication when they watch it in a video compared to 10 per cent when reading it in text. If you want to get your communication across, do it in a video—your recipient will retain your information and you will undoubtedly be more memorable and stay relevant.

Consider these “Fun Facts”

  • 46% of internet users say they would be more likely to click through for more information after watching videos about a product or service than without a video;
  • 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video; and
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

When you think about it, speaking is much more natural than writing. We’ve been speaking for approximately 30x longer than we’ve been writing, according to Colorado Springs-based software firm, BombBomb. Often, it’s easier to express yourself when you’re speaking than it is to gather your thoughts on paper, or, more accurately, email.

The bottom line is people who use video as part of their email communications receive stronger results.

  • 81% get more replies and responses;
  • 87% get more clicks in emails;
  • 68% get higher lead conversions; and
  • 90% stay in touch more effectively.

6 Reasons Why Video Communication is the Way to Go

Video communication is more engaging, authentic and transparent

Videos are a great way to encourage people to openly communicate with you. According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Communications, 93 per cent of communication is nonverbal, which consists of body language and tone of voice you won’t see in an audio recording. The recipient of the video can see your facial expressions, creating an authentic and transparent emotional connection between the two of you.

Video communication is quick and easy to learn

You don’t need a technical team to create engaging videos. At the very basic level, all you really need is your smartphone! As long as you have a microphone, camera and good lighting (most manufacturers have all-in-one devices), you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have the resources. There are so many options for making video communication so much easier—take BombBomb as an example. Whether you want to record a video on your computer or smartphone, BombBomb’s video software makes it easier than ever by allowing you to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus or by email.

Video communication is more personal

This says it all. Videos are more personal and wholeheartedly genuine. They build trust and rapport, and they establish an honest human connection. The recipient, regardless of whether you are familiar with each other or not, will feel closer to you just by being able to see and hear you. As well, conversing is much more natural than trying to sound formal in an email. This way, your recipient can see the real you.

Video communication is exclusive

When your client receives your video, they are receiving an exclusive communication created especially for them. This is an immersive and interactive experience for video recipients who will undoubtedly be touched in a much more meaningful way than they would be through an audio call or email.

Video communication keeps you top of mind

Often, when we receive an email or text message, we can open either one while engaged with another task: in a meeting, cooking dinner, before an appointment. However, a video requires full attention, so you know your client is going to wait until they can really take in all elements of your communication.

Video communication saves you time

Not only does video allow you to put the messenger back into the communication, it is also much quicker to record a video than it is to type out a detailed email. If you’re not much of a typer and would rather deliver your communication quickly and effectively, video communication is definitely for you.

Video Communication can be part of your Sales & Marketing

According to HubSpot, up to four times as many consumers prefer to learn about a product or a service via video than to read about it. To top it off, one in four customers lose interest in a company if they aren’t using video. An impactful tactic would be to implement personal video communications featuring your smiling face to stay top of mind with your prospects.

Through this, you are bound to see improvements, whether it is an increase in replies, more clicks in emails, or a boost in sales. The ability to influence people who are critical to your business is your biggest asset for winning over sales. As said by Syndacast, 52 per cent of marketers believe that video content produces the best return on investment (ROI).

Today, a buyer is 57 per cent through the buying process before someone in sales even speaks to them. Evidently, sales must alter its tactics and collaborate with marketing to reach a business’s customers. Why not stand out from the crowd by not only using video in a marketing strategy, but also to solidify sales with that human element?

Adding video into email marketing campaigns has been shown to increase click-through rates by more than 96 per cent. Merely mentioning video in the subject line can boost open rates by 19 per cent, says Syndacast.

3 Tips to Using Video Communication Within your Sales Process

1. Meeting confirmations

Video communication is perfect for meeting confirmations. A simple hello and reminder about your meeting approximately an hour before the meeting time is a great way to create a starting point for a conversation and strong first impression. This is something you can even schedule ahead of time once you confirm the time and date of your meeting.

More often than not, you’ll get positive responses about your video. It also creates a familiar face for the video recipient and creates a level of warmness even before you officially meet in person!

2. Post-meeting thank-you

Be sure to also send a video after the meeting to thank your client, prospect, lead or referral source for their time. Ideally, you should send the video about an hour after the meeting. There is no need to repeat what you spoke about since it will still be fresh in the individual’s mind, but touching upon next step actions is good idea to show the individual you were attentive and are on top of things!

3. Meeting follow-ups

About a week or so later, send a video along with some valuable content that may help your contact out. This doesn’t mean you need to sell anything to the individual. It’s purely about helping; it’s not about “ABC: always be closing,” but rather, “ABH: always be helping.”

To do this effectively, pay attention to what would be most valuable to an individual whether it is something to help further their business or something they mentioned during your meeting. This is a great way to stay memorable, relevant and to really gain their trust.

With these sure tactics, video communication is bound to help your business!

So, What’s Next?

In the era of advancing technology, don’t let yourself fall behind with video communication.

We will be seeing more trends with video communication in the rest of 2018 and beyond. Smartphones are only getting smarter, mobile networks are getting stronger and attention spans are getting shorter.

Now that you know how to create effective videos, it’s time to get started!

Remember to keep these critical tips in mind when experimenting with video communication. Be sure to visit to invest in and leverage the video software of choice that can bring the ideas and tips we’ve shared to life.

At minimum, action at least one thing that has been discussed above as part of your video communication strategy. It’s all about adding video as part of your sales and marketing process and experience.

Once you start, you won’t look back.

Author: Javed S. Khan
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