In the world of sales, the need to send personalized videos to prospects has never been more essential than it is today. However, as a sales professional, you’re most likely juggling multiple tasks at once, from sending emails and messaging leads, to making follow-up calls and cold-calling potential clients, leaving little to no room for creating personalized videos. 

We understand that coming up with new video content regularly can be a challenge, and that’s why we’re here to let you in on a little secret: You don’t need to create new video content every time you want to send a personalized video to a prospect. 

With the techniques we are going to mention in this blog, we give sales reps a more efficient way to produce relevant videos without sacrificing quality at a time when productivity is paramount.

At Hippo Video, we recognise how critical it is for companies of all sizes to remain responsive and productive, which is why these requirements were taken into consideration when building our platform. We make certain that making videos isn’t just another time-consuming task on your to-do list but rather a simple procedure that frees up your attention for other daily tasks.

Advantages to repurposing your videos

The routine of any salesperson is mostly based on the account and company that they pursue and work for.

Some prospects, or almost every prospect, might have the same business strategies, and business operations and their needs would align equally with one another. In this case, as a salesperson, sending video messages and making sure that he or she delivers the right information will be the most important roles to carry out, but in a smart way.

With the help of Hippo Video, you can make a single video that has all the personalization elements and allows you to easily make the necessary adjustments for each prospect. In this scenario, a sales professional will be able to deliver customized videos to several prospects while still using only one video, maximising both time management and productivity.

5 ways to personalize one video to suit multiple prospects

1. Merge fields

When you want to add multiple personalization elements to your videos without much effort, the ideal way is to add a merge field, also known as special tags. These dynamic placeholders will appear in the video with the sender’s information you wish to add.

Inside the Hippo video platform, merge fields are of 3 different types:

a. Contacts: First name, Last name, Address, E-mail, Phone number, etc. 

b. Users– Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Calendar Link, Company name, etc.

c. Videos– URLs, Video Descriptions, and titles.

As you have seen above, with this method, you can provide any other pertinent information within a video or sales page, such as location, firm name, etc.

Pro tip: Make sure that merge fields are positioned at pertinent locations across the sales page or video in order to properly employ them in your content. In doing so, viewers are guaranteed to see individualised content at pertinent times during their viewing experience, which boosts interaction and conversion rates.

Use-cases for Merge Fields feature- Here are a few spaces where you can use merge fields in the Hippo video:

a. Create and set up your Landing/ sales page:
  • A sales page is nothing but a personalized landing page for prospects. Here, apart from adding branding elements to the page, you can also add CTAs, a calendar link, and pre-recorded video carousels such as customer testimonials or product demos. 
  • To add personalised information, such as the prospect’s name or company name, you can use merge fields in the text, forms, and call-to-action buttons on video landing pages.
b. Use it to send personalized video emails

Merge fields in the subject line, body, and call-to-action icons of video emails can be used to add personalised information, such as the prospect’s name or company name.

c.Send personalized video campaigns

Your work on sending personalized video campaigns to multiple prospects is simply sorted by Hippo video where our tool lets you upload a spreadsheet containing the merge field details such as the prospect’s name, company name, location of the company that you want to add or merge into the video.

2. Personalize the video background

Having a unique video background for each of your prospects is a smart way to use the same video content, yet personalize it for each prospect. By adding a unique video background for each of your prospects, you are highlighting your thoughtful attention to detail and displaying your dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience.

a. Custom backgrounds

To use as a virtual background, you can create and share your customizable image or video. This allows you to personalise the video by including your branding or image.

b. Dynamic backgrounds

Videos can be more contextual and understandable when used with dynamic backgrounds such as a prospect’s Linkedin profile or website backgrounds. These backgrounds can help to keep potential customers’ attention and increase trust by showing them that you have done extensive research on them and the firm.

The best part of personalizing your video background is that you no longer have to shoot a new video every time. Instead, you may tweak an existing one to appeal to different prospects by just changing the background by using their individual logos, profiles, websites, images etc. by simply clicking a button.

3. Humanize AI

Gone are the days of tedious manual video personalization. With Humanize AI, you can generate personalized videos for your entire audience with just a CSV file in hand. The possibilities are endless. Imagine the advantages of having every single prospect addressed by name in your voice by the AI, thus capturing and engaging them. With one video for a campaign, you can generate 100’s of hyper personalized videos by using the advantages of AI, thus reducing your time and effort.

4.Video Flows

Hippo Video’s “Video Flow” feature allows users to create personalised videos for each prospect by combining pre-recorded videos and personalizing them as per the sales stage your prospects are in. It uses built-in features to stitch three different videos into one cohesive video in minutes. 

5. Interactive video

Users of Hippo Video can make interactive videos in a variety of ways, including video quizzes, video polls, video forms, and CTAs. Your video initiatives can become more effective overall and increase engagement and conversions with the aid of these interactive aspects within your personalized videos. You can still tailor the interactive components to the recipient(s) even if you only have one video.

This images shows interactive elements within Hippo Video to make personalized videos.


As previously stated, many times, the business pitches that a salesperson makes to their prospects are nearly identical except for the titles, designations, companies, and authorised persons’ names. In this case, any salesperson may become overwhelmed if they are required to record the same video over and over again in order to send the same messages/information to their prospects.

That is why Hippo Video has features that will make it convenient for you to repurpose existing videos and still remain high on personalization with just minimal effort.  

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