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The only video advertising that really sucks is the video advertising you’re not doing.

And these days, if you’re not using video advertising to promote your business or your brand, you’re running at a disadvantage.

Video is undeniably powerful. Video can show – and tell – a vivid story about you, your brand, your products, and even your customers.

But having engaging content is only the first hurdle of the race. So what can you as a marketer do to leverage the full value of your video?

Get The Most Out Of Your Video Investments – Companies are spending substantial amounts of money to develop branded videos, as well as product videos. Posting those videos on your site and on YouTube isn’t enough. Make those videos work even harder for your business. Put them into digital ads and weave a consistent message across the advertising landscape of computers, smartphones, and connected TVs.

Expand Your Reach – Your prospects may not be on a single publisher site, so don’t pay a single publisher for video advertising. Reach your audience where they are watching and browsing, and spend efficiently. Video advertising is not television. It’s better. It’s more relevant than television and as cost-effective as display advertising.

Refresh Your Content – The best video ads blend messages about your brand and the products and services you offer. Make sure that your video advertising promotes both. Viewers fatigue when they see the same content over and over. Change your video advertising content frequently and be willing to test multiple messages.

Target Efficiently – Reaching the right audience in the right place with your video is paramount. Don’t blindly target just anyone. Find providers who can leverage behavioral data to determine purchase intent. Several companies offer differing prospecting formulas. You just need to decide if you prefer Pepsi or Coke and choose a prospecting formula that achieves your goals. And, let’s be real. We live in a multi-screen world. If you’re not serving ads across devices…2006 called, and it wants its advertising dollars back.

Ask For Transparency – When a prospect views your videos, where do they drop off? Which videos increase your conversion rates? Which images increase engagement? Partner with providers who paint the full picture of what they’re doing for your business, especially with your videos. They should tell you what they’re learning about your video content and its impact on your business.

Author: David Bendtsen
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