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Using video to market your business, service, or product online is an essential marketing channel that you should explore. Video marketing online can be a very effective way to get the word out about your services or products. Your online marketing videos can be serious or funny as long as they’re interesting they’ll get viewers. Online video marketing is a great way to let your clients and potential clients get to know you better.

Following are 7 ideas for video marketing online:

Get personal – Live streaming video is a wonderful way to get personal in your online marketing videos. Invite your followers to watch you talk about your niche for free and they will feel like they’re getting a little piece of you. You can record the live stream, and then turn it into an online marketing video, an audio podcast, or even repackage it into a sellable format.

Email them – You can embed online marketing videos into your email messages to your list subscribers. Even if they’re only 30 seconds long, video in your emails will increase clicks and thus, increase sales.

Repurpose – You can create videos from your old printed materials repurposing what you have already worked so hard on. By turning your old blog posts, and your old articles into online marketing videos you’ll get ahead in search engine optimization (SEO) and sales.

How to videos – Often, it’s easier to create a how to video than it is to write down how to do something. Imagine showing a video on how to make a no-sew tie blanket, how this will increase your expertise status and probably increase sales.

Advice videos – Create videos that offer advice or answer questions that have been asked of you via your blog or contact form. Creating a nice short video that is relaxed and casual is a great way to get closer to your viewers and readers.

Sing, sing out loud – Create an online marketing video by writing a song and singing it, or having someone else sing it. If you create a cute enough little jingle you can go viral and then you better hang on to your hat.

Have a contest – If you already have a loyal following, ask your cheer leaders to create online marketing videos for you and offer a prize to the winner. If they post them on YouTube, as well as their own blogs, this will create an army of marketers just for your product or service.

Video marketing online is not just an option anymore. It is a necessity if you want to stay in the game. So go make a video!

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