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With the digital revolution taking over, the strategies for marketing your brands or business are also leaping. The current marketing strategy involves not great content but expressing it through a video. Video marketing has become an important part of business marketing strategies. A research study has found that around 87% of businesses use video marketing as a strategy. So if you want to know more about how video marketing can help flourish your business, then keep reading. 

High Conversion rates

When businesses use a video to stream their products and services the chances of conversion are higher. When a brand uploads a video on their website, they are more likely to watch it. A video when placed among the videos in the search engine has around an 80% conversion rate. The click-through rate of a video when sharing through email marketing is around 200-300%. Customers show more interest in your brand when you are marketing through video, which is beneficial. This is one of the perks of having a video marketing strategy. 

Increases customer engagement

A video shared on a website or posted on social media handles is more likely to get views and shares among your customers and their friends, families. Compared to images, text videos get 1200% shares throughout social media. A survey has also found that just including video words in the email increases the opening rate of your email by 16%.

Sharing and marketing through word-of-the-mouth also increase customer engagement. Marketing through videos not only helps you reach more audiences but also increases engagement in the activities of the brand. 

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Improve in the ranking of search Engines

A video on your company website will not only attract more customers but will also help in improving your search engine ranking. The more the consumers will view your videos the better ranking your brand might get. It can increase the traffic on your company website. A survey has shown that posting a video on your company website or other social media handles can increase the traffic by 157%. Video marketing is a great option for your company to increase your chances of getting a better rank in search engines. The dwell time that is the time a customer spends on your web pages helps in improving your ranking. A customer can be kept engaged by posting a video on your website. 

More connections with customers

Video marketing will not only get you more customers but will also help in building trust with your clients. Customers feel more connected when the brands are speaking to them directly or sharing information through videos. No matter how attractive you present your written content on your website, it does match the presence of a video. A customer can be kept engaging more through a video than a long paragraph of content. A video can include a lot of creativity that is easily described using expressions, music, tone of voice. It is easier to express through videos compared to other mediums and customers can connect. 

Increases brand awareness

Marketing through video gets your business more awareness and publicity that is required. Video has already become an integral part of many businesses’ campaigns, which is earning the company a profit. A video can include the company’s story, interviews with the employees, footage from behind the scenes. By presenting videos to your customer, it shows you how much their interests match the brand. There is a saying that goes: a picture is worth thousands of words, but a video says two times more than that. 

Easier Journey Down the Funnel

A customer, before buying any product through any platform, would review the product and then decide on it. So how does video marketing be beneficial in this situation? Making a review video for a product will help the customer in getting more insights about the product and an opportunity to make better decisions. A review video for any product of your brand is beneficial to customers as they can understand more deeply about the working and the features. 

It is easy for a potential buyer to watch and understand the product video rather than just reading about it and still unsure about making decisions. A survey has shown that consumers prefer to watch a product video than read about it. It has also been found that some customers lose interest because their feed does not contain video. 

Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Video marketing for businesses is beneficial from the point of view of return on investment. Many companies spend money for marketing their company, but if it gives a good amount of returns, then it can make a difference in the decision-making process of the company. 

Other Benefits

A benefit of using video marketing is that you do not need everything to be professional. A simple, genuine video is enough to attract your customers and create a connection with them. Also, when creating videos to increase the engagement of your customer keep the videos short and informative. To reap maximum benefits for your brand from video marketing, keep your videos SEO optimized and include transcripts, tags, descriptions. To attract more customers without feeding them boring and informative videos, make sure to address your ideas in the first ten seconds of your video. This will help in retaining the customer’s attention and will keep them engaged. Video marketing is turning out to be crucial for business and is predicted to increase the traffic on the internet by around 79%.

Marketing using videos surely benefits when implemented using the right techniques. A company needs to be clear of their objectives on how they want to present their company through videos, and what impact they want to leave on their audience. A company can surely reap more benefits by targeting the right audience and connecting with the right clients

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