I once came across a spin on the traditional “free + shipping” offer where the company paid an influencer to show that there was a coupon code that made an item free and that everyone only needed to pay shipping.

– Caleb Roberts, Business Partner, Select Pro Media

Tiktok has evolved in the last few months. It’s no longer a platform where teens were just making fun videos.

It is one of the biggest and fastest growing platform in the world and companies & brands started to take TikTok seriously 

The platform has the audience that marketers are targeting but obviously the method to market or engage them is different. 

So how can businesses leverage this growing platform? We spoke to Caleb to find out the answer for this question. Read on to learn Tiktok Marketing.

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1. Please tell us about your life journey in brief, Caleb?

I came from a home struggling to make money after my mom got a divorce and took full custody of us. 

She would say it was our responsibility to help out in affording vacation or other necessities in life which led to me always thinking of different ways of making money. 

All through elementary to highschool I found different things to sell. I did lemonade stands, soda tab bracelets, duct tape accessories/decorations, hemp jewelry, and of course candy bars. 

I never got a job until I was a junior in high school and it was working for Taco Bell.I hated it though and after about 3 months I quit and I knew there had to be a better way. 

I swore to myself after quitting I would never work for someone else in a setting like that ever again. Which prompted me to start a freelance video editing company in high school. 

I would search freelance websites and edit hundreds of people’s videos. 

From there I was able to save up money to buy a camera and other equipment because I knew videographers made more than editors. 

So I put everything into learning and buying more equipment and was able to find clients pretty easily. What I didn’t realize is that none of my clients had a marketing plan for those videos. 

I would constantly be asked okay I have the video now what do I do? I would give them simple suggestions and help where I could but I honestly didn’t know what else I could do. 

So I started researching and gathering more info on marketing and advertising with videos. 

It started out with FB ads and just really learned the basics from there while I would film videos for other clients. 

All of that eventually led me to TikTok in knowing how to do videos and marketing on a video only platform.

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2. How Tiktok marketing has evolved in the last couple of years? What are the possibilities it presents to Marketers currently?

Well marketing on TikTok just 2 years ago was essentially non-existent. Just last year they finally made a self-serve ad platform that is accessible for everyone in the US.

And I think within the last year companies finally started to take TikTok influencers seriously and worth an influencer marketing campaign.

What is truly a viable possibility is that anyone can go viral on the platform. 

So marketers should absolutely start testing videos on the platform and seeing what works along with what audiences on TikTok like to see when they comment on your videos. 

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3. What are the effective TikTok Marketing strategies small businesses can adopt in 2021?

The best thing any small business can do on TikTok is create an account and start testing content.

Tiktok is different from any other platform in that you can’t force your content to be put in front of someone but TikTok will suggest your content to the right viewer.

So the best thing a small business can do is post and whatever videos are getting views that means TikTok has found your audience and those same videos can be repurposed on all platforms.

So make TikTok your main content strategy and repost everything you post on TikTok to other platforms!

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4. Can you share an interesting/ successful TikTok marketing campaign you have come across?

I once came across a spin on the traditional “free + shipping” offer where the company paid an influencer to show that there was a coupon code that made an item free and that everyone only needed to pay shipping.

Because they chose not to do it upfront and tell their audience it was immediately free people assumed it was a loophole and the influencer was just giving a tip on how to get a cheap product.

So it was a win win for the creator and for the brand in getting those sales and getting the influencer positioned as a trusted person and gaining those lots of followers. 

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5. What mistakes businesses should avoid when it comes to TikTok Marketing?

The biggest mistake a business can make on TikTok is not being genuine or anticipating a connection with the audience on TikTok.

It is a relationship based platform and customers want to connect with brands on TikTok and not see a fake reality.

 People want to see what happens behind the scenes, what the company’s stories are, why they started and what they are up to with their products and services.

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