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You put information, whether in the form of content or videos, for your consumer to provide value.

Videos can provide huge value for consumers to understand your products or services better but what if they don’t watch them?

Similarly, you provide valuable content (words) to your consumer and they read it but don’t understand it, then what?

Then what? Best of both worlds

Wouldn’t you agree that everyone learns differently and the method that is valuable to us, the creator, isn’t always the method that is best for the receiver? So how do we conquer this issue? Can you say…do them both? For example, in the SEO world that I am in, a lot of what I do is overwhelming.

My last blog post was on header tags and I explained in words what they were and how to do it. But, what ifMaximize your content with videos the reader is a visual learner? I can tell them what to do.. but the reader thinks…. and may yell at a computer – WHERE & HOW DO I DO THAT? Yea, I’ve done that, don’t judge….I’ve not only talked TO my computer.. but may have yelled a time or two. So, my point… explain not only in words, but share a video to share HOW to do what you explained.

Pair videos and/or visuals with the content to help readers to receive the message mo’ better

Who backs out of the video only post? (*whispers* – me)

I have to admit.. when I see a video only post, I back out. Sorry! I just don’t want to listen to the whole thing. Similarly, when I see a page full of text without headers, pictures or something, I’m OUT! Don’t lose US! Create great content, visuals in forms of pictures and/or videos that compliment many learning styles. This way, you win at all avenues for those who like to skim and read, for those who don’t want to read but rather listen or watch a video, even those who need hands on show-and-tell types, they can all play along. You know who you are! What kind of learner are YOU?

More video best practices

Since we are talking on videos, let’s touch on a few things that can help you take advantage of any SEO juice possible from the search engines but also to increase the video/content sharability.

  • Just by adding content with the video, you are giving tons more SEO value than content or video alone. Search engines can’t read videos so the content explains to them what the video is about.. similar for the consumer – SCORE!
  • Just like you would title a blog, give your video a catchy keyword title.
  • Be sure to utilize the video description as well as tags in the settings.
  • I also hope you are uploading these videos on YouTube as it is a Google product and I always say, want to show up in search, keep Google happy!

Having valuable content with a video how to can increase your value #justsayin

Remember, when you have good quality content that others see value in, they will want to share it. Who wouldn’t want their content viral? Yes.. me me me!

Bottom line:

Consumers learn differently, provide different means to educate them on your products/services

Author: Kristen Wilson
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