Think about the conversations, not just the promotion. – Yashaswi Raj Kamra

Yashaswi Raj Kamra is a Lead filmmaker at ixigo. He has created Train mein hai Ghar wali baat video campaign which got 20 million+ views.

Read on to know more about Yashaswi Raj Kamra and his learning of creating successful video campaigns and his life journey.

1. Please share the story of creating  Video Campaign- Train mein hai Ghar wali baat?

Train Mein Hai Ghar Wali Baat

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Posted by ixigo on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Objective
We wanted to make a video for the train travelers in India to celebrate their experiences while traveling in Indian Railways and take them to a nostalgic journey through the video.


We all have memories, micro experiences while traveling by train in India. May it be sharing slippers, sharing food, different cities, different people with different languages, etc.

The major challenge was to collect as many experiences from train users with different perspectives and string them together to write it into a poem format.


The video reached 20M views organically across FB, YouTube, Twitter. 125K Organic shares on facebook.

People started sharing their other train journey experiences in comments as well as tagging their friends. Piyush Goyal(Minister of Railways of India) Tweeted the video and Shared on his facebook page as well.


The biggest learning is the process to create share-worthy content. If you have an idea for a video, before getting into the execution, research as much as you can. Having different perspectives on an idea is very important.

Talk to people, write down everything, string the most relatable points in a creative format. It can be a poem, a song, a voice over or a video listicle. Users should feel connected to the video. They should feel it’s their story.

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2. Tell us about your life journey, Yashaswi Raj Kamra?

Born and brought up in a middle-class family. I was an average student with no idea of the field I wanted to opt for in the future.

My friends took Non-medical so I also walked the same path. I wasted hard-earned 50K of my parents getting coaching for JEE and AIEEE.

But I was lucky to figure out that engineering is not my cup of tea and saved my parents another 50K that year.

Decided to pursue Multimedia & Animation as a career. Learning new software for designing, video editing, 3D, 2D animations, gave me more direction towards my specialisation.

I started watching online content on youtube. I started watching world cinema. 

I got really inspired by a lot of indie filmmakers who were already disrupting the commercial cinema. I decided to become a filmmaker and specialise in it. I started making short films in college and got awarded in film festivals as well.

Best short film – MAAC 3D VFX WAR Festival 2011)

Awarded by Kiran Bedi – Best Short animated film bronze – DELHI CG ANIMATION AWARDS 2012 

I completed graduation in 2013 and decided to move to Mumbai and explore opportunities in filmmaking there. 

Mumbai is a hub of films and every artist’s ‘karambhoomi’ in India, I had no clue how to approach people in Mumbai and get a job or some freelance work.

I made a showreel and started applying in production houses in Mumbai. 2 months later I got an opportunity to work as a video editor at a small production house.

With high-speed internet in scenes and smartphones everywhere, we can make films/videos at any place, anywhere.

So much of updated tools and techniques are available that you just need a good concept, a good idea, a good story, and a creative visualisation skills. I moved back from Mumbai and decided to do something of my own. 

I started a small video production studio. I used to pitch ideas to local brands in Patiala for marketing purposes, Real Estate builders to sell their flats, other production houses in Chandigarh and Patiala for music videos.

After working in a city like Patiala I realised that my learning is on break. There was less scope of working with big brands in Patiala.

I moved to Gurgaon and got an opportunity to work as a filmmaker at ixigo in content marketing. Since then it’s been a journey full of learning with all the videos I have worked on with the ixigo video team which went crazy viral. 

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3. What made you take up Video Marketing?

I had no idea about video marketing initially. I was not a marketer. I was a filmmaker and I just knew my craft pretty well.

I was obsessed with new video ideas but didn’t know how the video will reach millions of people. That is what I wanted to learn. Making videos for myself was easy. But making videos for the users of the brand and understanding them was what I wanted to learn.

We all browse videos online and spend more time on mobile than TV, I too consume content by brands and media houses on facebook.

I was given a chance to work with ixigo content marketing team and produce videos for them. Nothing best I could have found to learn video marketing.

4. How Social Media Video Marketing has evolved over the last few years and what is its future?

Over the past few years, social media marketing is every brand’s investment as a marketing strategy. It is like a universal fact now as most of the people spend more time on social media platforms.

The traditional ads days have gone now. Every user knows what is an ad and want to skip it super fast.

Instead, they need something purposeful, something relatable to their lives, something they can talk about. And this is what content is about. Don’t just indicate but involve users.

Video content will become more important in the future. Superfast way to communicate. With decreasing user attention span content creators need to be on point real fast.

The content creation and distribution strategy will change. The research focused content will dominate. Videos and live-stream will increase. Conversational content will increase.

5. What tips you would like to give to Marketers to develop Social Media Video strategy for his/ her Organization?

The only thing I would like to suggest is to think of the users first and then brand. Nobody wants to see how good is your logo and the product unless you provide something in favor of the user.

Think about the conversations, not just the promotion. Create next-level visuals in content. With the popularity of YouTube, Instagram and AR, it’s no wonder video content and visual storytelling will continue to rise.

Create more and more purposeful content than ever before.


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