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Nowadays site owners try to reach out to their audience by providing more of image & video related information. For instance take the case of an E-learning site where videos are very essential to interact with the audience. In the current trend 44% of site owners use WordPress site as a medium to communicate with their audience.

However in most of the WordPress sites, the users find it difficult to manage and categorize their videos, thereby giving the viewers an unpleasant viewing experience. In order to help such users, I have made a survey and I am presenting you a list of top 5 WordPress Video Gallery plugins that can be installed in your WordPress sites to convey vital information to your viewers in an uncomplicated manner.

The below list was formed by taking excerpts from

Contus WordPress Video Gallery

Total 5 Star User Ratings: 63
Gross Downloads: Nearing 1 Lakh
Product website:

Contus WordPress Video Gallery is a best video plugin for video galleries as it helps you to showcase your videos with high-quality and enables live streaming. This gallery script is supported by HTML 5 version hence the viewers will find it easy to view through their mobile devices.

It offers many features like giving you control over the Title, Number of videos played per page, setting your own logo, SEO friendly URL for each video, facility to embed videos from other sites and so on.

This video gallery enjoys a good reputation from the users owing to its superior characteristics.

YouTube Simple Gallery

Total 5 Star User Ratings: 18
Gross Downloads: 87,739
Product website:

YouTube simple gallery is a wordpress vimeo video plugin that creates a gallery of videos with thumb images. In its latest version, the YouTube SimpleGallery is merged with the Vimeo SimpleGallery. This version helps you to add videos from both YouTube and Vimeo in a single gallery, in addition to fetching the titles automatically, when you embed a video from other video sites.

Ultimate Video Gallery

Total 5 Star User Ratings: 9
Gross Downloads: 43,202
Product website:

This is the best wordpress video gallery plugin that gives a neat look to your video gallery. In addition to YouTube videos it enables you to add FLV videos. You get to control the size of video player and thumbnail images. If the thumbnails exceed the limit it automatically starts to paginate.

All Video Gallery

Total 5 Star User Ratings: 14
Gross Downloads: 42,258
Product website:

This is a wordpress video plugin gallery that helps you to embed videos from other sites effortlessly. This video gallery supports diverse media formats and has a HTML5 fallback; hence the viewers will have no trouble viewing the videos through smartphones.

Workbox Video from Vimeo & YouTube Plugin

Total 5 Star User Ratings: 4
Gross Downloads: 11,531
Product website:

This is wordpress YouTube gallery allows to create a video gallery any wordpress site. This facilitates user to add and sort videos in addition to embed videos from other video sites like YouTube,Vimeo,etc.


The above survey is done by taking in to account the features, user ratings and number of downloads. I would personally prefer to go with Contus WordPress Video Gallery as it offers me diverse features at an affordable price and also many viewers have vouched for it in their reviews.

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