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This SEO technique is definitely on the grey side and could push your stance on “SEO ethics”. Odds are that you have subscribed to this newsletter because of my previous questionable posts such as building links with expired content and how to buy links and get away with it. Remember that my suggestions and tips aren’t about being “right” or “wrong” its simply about techniques that get the job done. No Hats, No BS, Just Results.

Building Content With Transcribed Videos

It doesn’t matter what your niche is – there is something of value on your topic on YouTube. The goal here is to find a video that offers a lot of value and then have it transcribed through a service such as For less than $15 you can get a 800+ word well researched and pretty well written post for any of your websites. Let me run you through an example.

Find A Video That Offers Valuable Information.

The very first step to this technique is finding a YouTube video that offers value to your niche. The example I’m going to use is learning how to tie a tie. With a very quick Google Keyword Tool search I can see that their is a lot of value in content related to learning how to tie a tie correctly.

If I had a website in the wedding industry, tuxedo / suit rental or maybe even the fashion industry I would definitely want content surrounding this topic. The numbers above show the demand for this type of information and you can supply it without even having to know how to tie a tie! How-to guides and other value providing content are great linkable assets to any website.

Requirements To Find The Right Video

You will want to search for your article topic in Google and sort by video or of course you can search directly in YouTube itself. From there you will want to look at just a couple factors that help determine what video will be best for transcribing into article content. Make sure that…

  • The video wasn’t created by a website that has already transcribed and published the content on their website. You’re goal here isn’t to duplicate any already existing content.
  • The video is appropriate in length. (I found that 1 minute of audio is equal to about 200 words transcribed)
  • Tone of voice – Does the video “speak” in a tone that would read well as an article? Keep an ear out for repeated “ums”, “ahhs” or statements such as “as you can see here”. These can lead to a really poorly transcribed article that will take more time then its worth to fix.
  • After 10-15 minutes sifting through YouTube I found something that I would consider using.

    Transcribing The Video Into Useful Content.

    Now that I found a decent video on the topic of tying a tie (more specifically a Windsor knot) and determined that the video explains the information in an appropriate manor for reading purposes, its time to transcribe the video.

    After creating an account with (or another service of your choice) you’ll want to upload the video. In this case Speechpad allows me to upload the audio file by simply imputing the YouTube video URL.

    After uploading the YouTube audio file you want transcribed you’ll go to a check out page. Here you can choose the rate in which you want to the video to get transcribed. Speechpad offers a 24 hour turn-around time, 28 hour turn-around time and a one week turn around time service – all at different rates. I typically go with the 48 hour time period but choose what works with your schedule and budget.

    This particular audio file was just over 2 minutes 20 seconds so I fully anticipate about a 500 word transcription after it’s processed. Once you get the audio filed transcribed you’ll want to sit down and clean it up just a bit. In this instance I would bullet point or number each step. I may even go one step further and take a screen shot of each step during the video. This of course ads to the risk of this technique as someone could recognize the screen shots. It’s up to you to determine your risk tolerance.

    Outbound Transcribed Link Building

    Ever since Penguin and Panda were released webmasters have been even more cautious as to who they accept guest posts from. No longer do websites accept the post you had written on for $10.00. Site’s are now valued by Google for the quality of content they produce so its time to offer some substantial, researched and well laid out content. Transcribed video content is fantastic for this. You get 10 times better content for roughly the same price as your outsourced content writer produces.

    Since you want to offer up this content as a guest post you’ll want to make sure you do all your research before offering up your transcribed content. To avoid duplicate content issues make sure to run your new article through copyscape. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t transcribe something that will take you all night to edit and make into a quality piece of content.

    Like any other link building technique, this isn’t a technique to solely rely on but can be a great asset to your existing link building arsenal.

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