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When Adobe released their Q4 2013 Video Benchmark report there was one golden nugget of information that went largely unnoticed. Social network Tumblr is responsible for referring more average video starts than YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. Additionally, Tumblr is producing nearly identical video view rates as Facebook, with over 1/3rd of referred visits producing a video start.

Furthermore, more than half of visits referred from Tumblr to sports-related Websites, resulted in a video view. 56% – that’s an incredibly high conversion rate in anyone’s book and if any brands and marketers have shunned Tumblr as part of their online video marketing strategy, they need to sit up and pay attention to the new data.

More than 1/3rd of Tumblr Referred Visits Produced a Video View

Brands like IBM, Coca Cola, British Airways and Archie McPhee have already embraced Yahoo-owned Tumblr as part of their digital marketing campaigns and Apple is the latest big-name brand to launch a Tumblr-specific campaign. Their series of four 15-second videos to promote the iPhone 5c are available in English, French and Spanish. The video marketing campaign marks a departure from the usual gif-based footage that Tumblr is so widely known for.

Each video plays a different song and features the designs on the back of the official iPhone 5c cases:

Retail brands may also want to take note of the fact that Tumblr is now only second to Facebook when it comes to average potential revenue per visit according to another report from Adobe (Adobe Digital Index – Social Intelligence Report Q42013). The site saw a 340% increase in revenue per visit from last year, with referral visits from Tumblr worth around $1.10. That compares favorably with visits from Pinterest ($0.93), and Twitter ($0.83). Facebook remains the site with highest revenue per visit at $1.22.

Author: Mark R Robertson

Courtesy: www.reelseo.com

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