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If you spend any time on social media – and let’s face it, it is 2016 and we’re all doing it all the time – then you will surely have noticed a trend becoming more and more common over the last year or so: video.

Everyone is using video, especially brands. Brands are using video to boost their marketing efforts, and it certainly seems like it’s working. You can’t scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds without seeing a couple of videos on each screen. They’re everywhere!

So it’s time you got on board the train. You need to make a video for your brand. But that’s not enough on its own – you need to distribute your videos properly. Here’s how you can do just that, so get out there and get your name in lights.

YouTube: Make Sure Your Video Search Is Optimized

Everyone knows that Google is the biggest search engine out there. But what would you guess was in second place? Bing? Yahoo? Duck Duck Go? Or maybe Ask Jeeves? (It’s not 1998, get with the program!)

Nope, it’s actually YouTube. So it is of course beneficial to get your video onto YouTube and to then make sure it starts being found. Optimize your videos for search in the same way you would your website; this will allow them to be organically discovered and end up in suggested results from both Google and YouTube, thus bringing in the numbers.

Instagram: Hit Your Target Audience Directly

When you’re using paid advertising through Instagram, you get access to the Facebook targeting tools (Facebook bought out Instagram a little while back, after all). This offers you some unique advantages over some of the other options available to you.

You can put your video message more directly in front of your particular targeted audience, ensuring more eyes (and more importantly, more relevant eyes) on your vids. One added bonus of Instagram is that it is a more “focused” brand of social media, meaning there are fewer distractions to draw attention away from your videos. Combine that with the recently-added Instagram Stories feature and you have the potential for some pretty powerful marketing punches.

Facebook: Get Yourself in Front of a Highly Engaged Audience

There is a reason that the majority of brands choose Facebook as their primary vehicle for moving video posts, and it is a simple one: it is arguably the most “active” of all the social media websites and apps.

Most videos that you see trending actually got their start on Facebook, and they got to where they are now because of the likes and the shares that they accrued. It is very easy to receive those all-important shares on Facebook, and it is super easy to ensure your video is targeting the right people as well.

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