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You want leads, right? I mean that’s the name of the online game. Every single business needs leads to generate sales and yours is no different.

Most businesses and entrepreneurs understand that simple landing pages can be an effective way to generate leads.

Did you know that by adding a video to your landing page, you can increase your conversions significantly?

Maybe you have a landing page and it isn’t performing as well as you hoped. Or perhaps it’s doing decently but you want to see if you can boost those numbers higher. It’s time to try video.

There are a lot of lead page options you can use and plenty of companies offer some pretty great templates. A few to choose from are LeadPages, Unbounce and Optimize Press.

One thing all three of these have in common is an option for landing pages with video.

Do Lead Pages With Video Convert Better?

The following is a comparison of landing pages we did with a career college.

The college wanted to promote a particular course, Legal Nurse Consulting.

The college also had an Ebook guide to offer, so we created two pages. One to offer the Guide about Legal Nurse Consulting as a free download and another page that has a video with information about the career.

Now I’m not saying that just by adding video to your landing page you’ll get all kinds of conversions but it can help.

Your Video Story

So why, why does video help with site conversions? Good question. I should also preface this with the type of video will also make a difference.

This particular video tells a story. It targets nurses who are looking for something different but can still leverage their nursing credentials.

It explains what this career is, where they can work, what they will do and the training that’s provided.

We’ll cover what to put in your video script in another post so stay tuned for that.

What Kind of Video Should You Use?

As far as how to make a video for your landing page, well there are a lot of options for that. It really depends on your budget and your level of expertise when it comes to making video. We’ll be covering different ways to create video in a later post as well.

This particular video was created in After Effects by our Media Director, Zack. He does some pretty awesome work and you can check out our client video examples here.

If you plan on investing a decent amount of marketing dollars to drive traffic to your landing page, then you really want a quality video.A poorly produced video will reflect on your product or service.

There are times when you can use a less than stellar video (although you won’t need to after learning the tips and tricks we’ll show you). But don’t use a poor qualityvideo on a page you are spending your money to drive traffic to.

You’ll want to decide if you want to actually learn how to produce a quality video or if you want to outsource that portion of your marketing campaign.

There are also plenty of template style sites that you can use. Some have a steeper learning curve than others. Some have some limitations as well.

What to Test in Your Landing Page Video

Here are a few things you’ll want to test with your landing page video:

  • Length – Unless this is a video sales letter (and we’ll talk about that another time), you don’t really want a super-long video. If this is a landing page, use more bite-size content. You still need to get your message across but you can also supplement that with text on the page. The longer your video is the more time and expense it will take to produce. Test in the range of one to two minute videos and see which performs better.
  • Placement – Where you position the video on your page also makes a difference. It’s very important to check how your landing page looks on a mobile device as well. Don’t make the visitor scroll all the way down to see your video.
  • Autoplay –This is a tricky one because you don’t know where your visitors are at when they are accessing your landing page. If they click the link to your site and then start hearing your video (and no telling what the volume is like) that could create a negative experience. Think about your audience. Or better yet, ask. You can also check on competitor’s landing pages and see what they are doing.

Must Haves with Your Landing Page Video

  • Attention getting – You need to grab their attention in the first few seconds. Make sure that you’re offering them value even before you add your logo intro. Start your video with a statement that tells them what goal you are going to help them achieve.
  • Call to Action – Don’t waste the view without telling the viewer what you want them to do. Make sure you have a form, or link to a form, that the viewer can fill out.
  • Music – I always recommend background music with videos. It’s a powerful branding tool and can evoke emotion. IF there is no narration at all then you want the music tempo to match the subject matter of your video. If there is narration, then adjust the volume to the narrated portion of the video and you can increase at the end.

If you really want to stand out, then put some effort in your scripting and your design. Go ahead and look at examples from your competitors and other organizations that also sell to your target demographic. It’s fine to draw inspiration from them.

If you see they are hosting their video on YouTube, go check out the views they have. That can give you an indication of how well their video is performing. If you’re not sure what their landing pages are, start doing some searches in Google to see what ads they may be running. Chances are the ads are leading to a landing page.

If their landing pages don’t have a video, you can beat them to the punch!

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