A website can be visited by hundreds or thousands of users each day. There’s typically a goal to funnel these visitors to the more profitable pages of a site. However, the pages that aren’t visited as frequently also need some love.

One way to keep users engaged on these pages while also providing necessary information is to add videos. Videos are easy to digest and can provide an abundance of information. They also market a brand or product.

From How-Tos to 404s, let’s dive into how adding video can better a site’s lesser visited pages.

Show Users ‘About’ Yourself

Your About Us page is where you introduce your business to users. This page should include your company’s story while familiarizing users with the backstory of key products or services. It must explain why your company is the solution to the user’s problem. It’s also a good idea to add material about company leaders, departments, and staff.

Adding videos creates a more complete presentation of your company. There’s a true sense of your business’s personality that shines through when adding videos to the About Us page.

Source Capital does an excellent job leveraging a video to display what they’re all about.

After the initial introduction of the company and staff, the user reaches a video featuring the CEO himself. This is an excellent way to finish a user’s experience on the About Us page because through all of the history, numbers, and success stories they’re able to humanize themselves through personalized messages emphasizing what they believe in!

‘Help’ Visitors with Videos

When a visitor is frustrated, they rarely convert to a customer. This is where the Help page comes into play. Anticipate the needs of a potential client that may be lost on your website or who might be unsure how a product or service works.

A good Help page will provide simple solutions to the most obvious issues. When a visitor realizes they don’t have the information needed to proceed with your service, this is the first place they’ll turn. Adding videos to this page makes the information more easily digestible.

Take TransUnion’s ShareAble for Hires’ help page for example:

The Help button is easily accessible as it’s in the top navigation bar throughout the site. Furthermore, the page answers six key questions about their service and how screening works. Each video gives a step by step guide for how to use their product.

The bonus here is, that as the user is following the videos they get to test the service making them that much more likely to convert.

Don’t Forget the 404 Page

The question answered by the 404 page is what to do next. Once a user has landed on a broken page, the goal is to keep them engaged with the site. The last thing a business wants is for potential customers to land on a broken page and immediately go elsewhere.

The 404 page is also a great way to show a business’s voice. This page has the potential to keep the user entertained with the site depending on the mood portrayed. An important thing to keep in mind is that this page must point the visitor to their next action, whether that be with a search bar or a list of possible pages.

Steve Lambert’s 404 page is a great example of using a video to do exactly as mentioned above:

His voice and mood shine through with this quirky, excruciatingly long and awkward video. It gives the site a playful and casual feel. He gives direction to his visitors early in the video by saying, “you know how to use the…search…search…how to find your way out of here,” as he points to the search bar below the video.

This was such a creative 404 page that it received tons of coverage which, in turn, attracted traffic to the site.

That’s a Wrap

Though these pages don’t get many views compared to other pages on a website, it’s always a great idea to prepare them for when there are visitors. Adding videos to less-visited pages is a great way to keep users engaged while providing necessary information.

What are you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing and start shooting some videos!


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