Videos with a Call to Action is a great tool for sales lead generation. In this post, I’ll tell you how to create your own videos with a call to action.

Want to promote something? Videos with a Call to Action are a great sales lead generation tool! Video is a superb content marketing approach, so brief videos with links are ideal. In addition, the technique I share here is 100% mobile ready. View the video on an iPhone or iPad and it renders in HTML5 automatically – so it works.

– Maybe you have a press release.

– Maybe you have an upcoming webinar.

– Maybe you have a new white paper.

Videos with Calls to Action are superb for promoting those. But you need more than YouTube. Let me show you how.

These are really easy to make. Here’s how I do it:

1.Record a short video clip using Logitech software and a high definition webcam.

2. Open that video in Window Live Movie Maker and add a couple of captions – like your name and why they should watch. Render the video.

3. Upload the video to YouTube.

4. Create a trackable link to your content in

5. Add a description to the YouTube video and include the link. (You want the YouTube video to work for you too.)

6. Create an account at and create a new Player. (see image of preview of player.)

7. Post the link from your YouTube video in the Player.

8.Create a description for your link, like Learn about the new offer. Click here –>

9. In the link, insert your link.

10. Publish your player and grab the embed code. (I use a width of 520, as that is perfect for this blog.)

11. Create a new post, go into HTML mode, and paste the embed code.

That’s it. You just created a video clip with a Call to Action. In just a few minutes, you created a superb content marketing offer.

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