Video content can make a huge splash in a marketing campaign. Social media allows marketers to create their own informative, funny, or shocking content, which can then be passed around in an instant. Today’s digital users love a quick video, and they really don’t care whether it’s user-generated or branded, as long as they find it entertaining.

Creating Great Video Content

So how can you create video content which brings your business message to life? And what tools can you use without breaking the bank?

Below are four standby techniques for creating great video content for a dental online marketing campaign:

1. Know Your Audience – First and foremost, know your audience! Always give the audience information that they want or need.

2. Impress – One key to video success is the ability to grab the attention of the viewer within the first ten seconds. To do this, try images or facts that surprise. Present a question that your viewers will want the answer to, and then give them the answer.

3. Use Humor – Using humor is a fantastic way to engage customers in a positive way. Happy customers will have no qualms associating with your business, and it will make them feel like passing along your information to their friends and family.

4. Be Real – Unless your video is shot by a professional, don’t worry about being a bit imperfect. Don’t over-edit your video and cut out every single imperfection. Being real and honest is always the best route.

Tools for Creating Video Content

These days, you don’t have to use state-of-the-art or high-end equipment to create a great video. You can easily take a video on your smartphone and upload it to the web almost intstantly!

YouTube Editor – A must have for YouTube users. YouTube Editor has some nifty tools and features built-in such as adding notes or transcripts and making videos SEO friendly. Best of all? It’s completely free!

Magisto – A free app for iPhone and Android, this software uses artificial intelligence to edit your videos. Simply upload raw footage and the software will choose the best pieces and create a video. You can also add music, titles and more.

Recently released polls and statistics are making it clear that video content is critical to online marketing. You can’t afford to ignore this opportunity when making your dental marketing plan. Whether you choose to do an informational webinar, personal video bios of your staff and office, or you create hilarious commercials, creating engaging videos can be fun for you and your audience.

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