It is no secret that the web video industry is booming. In a recent blog post on Reel SEO, guest expert Solomon Thimothy wrote this “Studies show that consumers and search engines alike value video content—that it helps people find your site, and it helps turn them into customers once they’re there.”

It is because of this knowledge companies both big and small are turning to video to market their products/services and draw customers to their site. Which it great, after all if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? However, Companies are diving right into the video marketing pool without much knowledge of what it takes to create a successful video campaign. Below I will list some of the most common mistakes companies make when launching their video marketing campaign. More importantly, I will explain how to correct these mistakes.

Video Marketing Mistake #1. A very small or nonexistent budget.

It is true that the technology we have available has made creating a video on the cheap more than possible; doing so is a disservice to your business and your customers. The Internet is full of half-hearted, ill conceived, poorly produced videos and these videos can be easily lost in the web-o-sphere. Having a decent budget for your video can help your business avoid these pitfalls. In fact, your budget does not have to be large, but it does need to be enough to warrant the talent of professionals.

Video Marketing Mistake #2. Poor production value.

Nothing turns a viewer off more than a video that is of poor sound and image quality. Both are clear indicators of poor production value. As mentioned in the mistake above, having the ability to hire a professional production team to create an amazing video. They have the expertise and experience to create a video that will captivate your customers and drive traffic. These professionals will help you write, shoot, edit and distribute your video in effective manner.

Video Marketing Mistake #3. Going too commercial.

Not all videos are created equal. It is easy for business to immediately go the commercial route when creating a video. But commercials seek only to advertise your business. Video has so much more potential than just to promote or advertise. Video gives business the opportunity to inform, and educate the consumer.

Video Marketing Mistake #4. Using ineffective running times.

One of the perks of online video is there are no real time constraints placed on you like in traditional medial outlets such as television and radio. However, this does not mean you should allow your video to go on for long stretches of time. Studies show that the average consumer prefers a video to stay in the 3 to 5 minute range and not a minute longer. By creating a video that is informative, entertaining and to the point you will be encouraging consumers to watch your videos over and over again. If you are unable to condense all the information you need in a timely manner, create several short installments instead.

Video Marketing Mistake #5. Not Optimizing

The average business owner does not realize there is more to video marketing than simply uploading a video and calling it a day. Similar to the content written for your site, your video must also be optimized for search engines. By optimizing you will be ensuring that your video will be able to be found by your consumers.

Video Marketing Mistake #6. Not engaging with your consumer base.

We live in a digital world, we are constantly communicating with out friends, co-workers and family via social media outlets like Facebook and twitter. As such it is vital for business to share and engage with their consumers through their videos.

Author: Nick Stamoulis

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