Gone are the days when you could say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Today, in this multimedia and internet age, a video is worth more than anything you write as a text. It proves the popularity of video channels like YouTube and is the reason why most marketing channels are now uploading more videos to convince customers.

LinkedIn offers you a wonderful opportunity to create and upload videos on your profile. You can upload a video existing on your phone, or create one with the help of the LinkedIn app. Take note of the fact that this feature is available only on the mobile app, be it for Android or iOS. Desktops do not provide this feature on LinkedIn. In fact, if you have a video sitting on your desktop and you want to upload it on your profile, you need to transfer it to your mobile before you can do so.

Videos on LinkedIn mean you can share a small pitch about yourself, speaking in your own words. You can upload video resumes to get more attention to your CV. Graphic designers can upload samples of their animation works on the profile.

Other than this feature, there is also the added advantage of checking out video analytics. You will get info like which companies checked out your video, user profiles and the like. The better part is that you can check up the video analytics through your desktop computer, even though you cannot use them for video uploads.

This new video feature of LinkedIn is rolling out slowly and will soon reach your mobile app. Your friend may get it earlier but you won’t be far behind!

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