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With more and more consumers upgrading to higher-quality mobile devices, we could always expect to see more video consumption on those smartphones and tablets.

And that seems to be the case as a new study from the IAB confirms that 35% of viewers are watching more video on their smartphones compared to last year, and over a third of those surveyed are watching mobile video content that lasts five minutes or longer at least once a day.

There’s also new research from Adobe that states that Apple is the choice of device for watching mobile video, with around 68% of smartphone video starts taking place on an iOS device.

36% Watch Long-form Video Content via Mobile

More viewers are turning to their mobile devices to watch long-form video than ever before, something that the bigger screens on the iPhone 6, and other smartphones have encouraged. 36% of smartphone users confirmed to Adobe that they watch long-form videos that last 5 minutes or longer every day on their devices.

Although, 58% of respondents confirmed that they watched shorter videos on a daily basis, that’s still a very high percentage of viewers that commit to watching longer content.

The IAB polled 4,800 people in 24 countries including the US, UK, South Africa, and France, and those surveyed in China, Turkey, Finland, Singapore, and Russia and Singapore were the most likely to watch long-form videos on smaller screens.

Mobile Video Consumption: 48% Use Apps

According to the new study, consuming mobile video via an app is the overwhelming choice of viewers, with 48% confirming they mostly access video content this way rather than visit a mobile website. Only 18% of respondents indicated that they watch a video via their mobile’s browser, compared to the 22% who replied confirming they only use an app to watch video content.

The IAB asserts that the preference for consuming video via an app could be because of the stability that apps offer, especially from leading providers like YouTube. Also, the video app from YouTube comes pre-loaded on many devices, and presents no barrier of entry to the user.

62% of Mobile Viewers Use YouTube for Discovery

How do people find videos to watch on their mobile devices. The survey highlights the fact that 62% of respondents find content through YouTube, 42% via their social networking feeds, 20% via good old-fashioned search, and 14% via advertising.

And what are viewers watching? It’s no surprise to learn that music and comedy, followed by movie trailers, how-to videos, and sports clips make up some of the most watched video content on smartphones, according to the study.

Viewers are also very keen to share video content they watch via their mobile devices, with 68% of those who responded indicating they did just that. 33% will share a video on a daily or weekly basis, while 12% will share a video at least once a month. China has the highest levels of sharing mobile video at 81%.

Apple Dominates Mobile Video Consumption

According to another new piece of research, this time from Adobe, not only does mobile account for a third of all video starts, it’s Apple that dominates the market, with around two-thirds (68%) of smartphone video starts taking place on iOS devices.

When it comes to tablets, the iPad grabs an even bigger slice of the pie with an astonishing 86% of all online video viewing coming via that device, followed at a far distance by Samsung Galaxy Tablets ( 7%), Kindle Fire (4%), and the Microsoft Surface at just 2%.

Away from mobile, Adobe confirms that iOS-enabled devices drive 62% of all authenticated pay-for-TV video views. In fact, according to Adobe, nearly 1 in 4 of all online video views comes via an Apple device.

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