LinkedIn Live is here! The new feature is being tested in the U.S. and will roll out in the rest of the world soon. The social media platform is finally catching up with its competitors, and that might well be just on time. As Facebook is getting more and more saturated with video content, LinkedIn Live could be a great opportunity for your business. 

What’s LinkedIn Live and what can we expect from it? �

linkedinliveLinkedIn has always been a bit of a late bloomer, especially when it comes to video. But the platform has now clearly recognized a big boost in both traffic and revenue from video content. “Video is the fastest growing format on our platform right now, and the one most likely to get people talking,” says Pete Davies, the director of product management at LinkedIn. He also stated that live video has been the most requested feature. So launching LinkedIn Live was a logical next step. It’s LinkedIn’s intention to use it to allow viewers to watch a conference or fair live. 

LinkedIn Live will work much like any other live videos on social platforms.
Users will be able to comment, like and ask questions in real time and viewers will see these comments and floating likes while they’re watching. According to LinkedIn, it will be a strong engine for engagement, because they see the same trend with video ads compared to text and image ads.


7 Ideas to use LinkedIn Live for your business �

As videos on LinkedIn get a lot less competition than they do on other platforms, brands who are using the new feature right will easily be able to enjoy more views and engagement! Here are 7 great ways to use LinkedIn Live:  

1. Livestream (parts of) your Event 
LinkedIn Live could be a huge opportunity to generate more awareness for your event content and show off your brand. This is something you can do whatever the size of your event and budget – live video works just by streaming what is taking place. Think about it: people might not have been able to come to your event even though they were really interested, so by livestreaming you’ve just added another audience to your event, for free!



2. Interview and Q&A 
One of the easiest ways to use Live video is for a Q&A or interactive Interview. Users can ask questions in real time, and your subject can reply in real time. It’s an easy way to generate content especially for your audience, and it’s the most authentic and engaging way for people to get to know more about your business!

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3. Recurring updates
Weekly, biweekly or monthly updates, about your business or trends in your industry for example, are a great way to position yourself as a thought leader. Take this example from Steven Vanbelleghem for example: he’s a digital thought leader who allows his followers to stay up to date with the ever-changing digital environment. Doing updates like this on LinkedIn Live would allow him to answer questions about these topics.


4. Educational Sessions
With a slightly more organized approach, you can even use LinkedIn Live to host webinars, online courses, interactive trainings or answer FAQs.  Announce your session at least 24 hours beforehand, so that people know when to tune in. By streaming educational content rather than only using it as gated content, you’ll reach a much larger audience and get more engagement. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of what your audience is thinking, allow them to participate and ask questions. 



5. CEO Talks 
More and more CEOs and business owners are starting to use Live Video themselves, rather than just having the marketing department set up live content. French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur hosts live videos every single day, and says it’s incredibly valuable. “I hired an assistant that I found on Facebook Live, got hundreds of speaker suggestions for my next event on VR and even discovered—then invested in—a startup.” So it’s not only valuable for your audience, but also for your company! 




6. Behind The Scenes Content 
According to Livestream’s latest study, 87% of people would prefer to watch live video if it meant seeing more behind-the-scenes content. It always works to intrigue and engage people and the possibilities are endless – from showing people around your new office space, giving a live tour or showing how something is made… You can even give a sneak peek of a new product or service. This will help increase trust in your brand and make your audience feel more like they’re a part of your story.


7. Spontaneous Company Fun 
Who says fun content is not for LinkedIn? Especially with the rise of video content on the platform, we believe companies should dare to step away from the typical content and show their real personality once in a while! After all, LinkedIn is the perfect place to strengthen your employer brand.  



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