video contentIn the fast-paced world of web marketing, new strategies with social media and interactive content are swiftly replacing traditional marketing techniques. This can be detrimental for the businesses that don’t keep up, but for those that are willing to employ a flexible and creative content strategy, now is a great time to tackle a video-based campaign. Not only do videos add rich content that will boost your search engine rankings, they’re also far more likely to grab attention and aid conversion than a text block explaining the same concepts. Furthermore, videos are the perfect fodder for posting on social media sites and for getting links and shares. There’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to embarking on a clever video campaign.

Use Videos to Enhance Your Brand

For a company like Dove with a strong brand message, its thoughtful and interesting video content is the perfect choice for their campaign. In videos like this one, that reveal insights into women’s perceptions of their own beauty, Dove is able to create a compelling message that speaks to its customer base. It’s a great strategy if you’re hoping to get a lot of social sharing and buzz surrounding your company.

Chipotle provides another great example of a video that promotes a shareable message, but in a very different way than the Dove campaign. The appeal of their video is more in the music and artistry of the imagery; it’s definitely a good option if you have a concept that doesn’t lend itself to a live-action approach.

Use Videos to Explain Your Product

There are two main approaches you can take to making a video that discusses the features of your product. Like Logitech or Columbia Sportswear, you can be tongue-in-cheek, offering a witty exaggeration or play on its merits.

Or, like Path you can offer a serious and more detailed discourse on features and how they can enrich a customer’s life. The first approach makes more sense if your product, like headphones or a jacket, is immediately understandable as well as one among many; a creative marketing strategy is a good method for setting these products apart from the rest.

The second approach makes more sense if your product is either unique or complicated; your video can maintain interest with its straight approach because it will be less familiar to the customer.

Use Videos to Address Concerns

One last tactic that can be a valuable use of video is to make short clips featuring products that benefit from a 3D presentation. Zappos provides a good example of how, with its quick presentations of pairs of shoes, a customer can be better informed about the nature of the product. This helps to alleviate concerns and answer questions that a potential buyer might have, encouraging a purchase.

Some businesses are afraid of the commitments they’ll have to make to produce and distribute their video content. But new technology and services have significantly improved this process. Sites like TubeMogul make it easy to upload your video to multiple video-sharing sites simultaneously. Resources like this small business guide to YouTube are readily available for those looking to understand how video sharing sites can be leveraged properly. And now that video-making is no longer the laborious process that it once was, making your own is a significantly less intimidating prospect. With these fears at rest, it’s clear that if you’re looking for a great ROI that increases brand recognition and customer trust and retention, then videos are the perfect addition to your content strategy.

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