Video content for company’s marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important, especially for small- and medium-sized firms, Liz Smutko writes for Remodelers Advantage. Market research indicates that videos can be a crucial part of a successful advertising campaign since consumers are more likely to engage with video than any other form of media.

Smutko says you don’t need to focus on production value or expensive equipment, and quality video can be achieved with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Many laptops now come equipped with basic video editing programs and there are ample tutorials on the Internet to give you a good starting point. When making videos, though, it is important to note how important the aspect ratio is, Smutko writes.

When creating video, keep your social media channels in mind when deciding on your format. Landscape, portrait, and square mode work better on some platforms than others.

If you only want one version, make it square, which is a 1:1 ratio. Adweek says square videos increase the number of viewers who watch to the end by 67% on Facebook.

What you choose to focus on in your videos is equally important. Videos can be something as simple as a video slideshow, highlighting a recent project accompanied by music. To enable this, Smutko advises taking video of every step of your project to have material for potential marketing videos down the line. For a different type of video, try soliciting clients for video testimonials to include as part of you marketing outreach. Additionally, it is also important to get you, the business owner, on camera.

Put yourself in front of the camera. Talk about how you started, why you run a remodeling business, and what matters to you about the business. It may help to write a script, and if you’re shy, simply set your camera or smartphone up and go it alone.

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