The effectiveness of video marketing

Just how useful are videos in the grand scheme of things?

Videos are pretty darn awesome when it comes to making things happen. Videos can be used to demonstrate something, communicate a message, share a sentiment, or to condense a concept that might otherwise be too much to handle into a shorter-seeming visual presentation.

When it comes to internet marketing, videos are winning the day. People like videos….and they like them a lot. A brief glance at the number of results on YouTube for any common query is proof that videos are one of the most popular forms of content being produced today.

What does this mean for you? It’s a clue to the mystery that is marketing success, and if you can work your branded magic on it just right you can be looking at your ticket to fame, glory, and customer satisfaction!

How you can use videos to reach out

Finally, something more personal than an email or direct message!

Videos are a great way to reach out to people either individually or as a group. A great example of this is recognizing new friends / fans / followers on your social media accounts. The new Vine app from Twitter is ideal for this sort of quick recognition for Twitter users seeking to help their followers feel appreciated.

A video can also be a call to action, showing viewers how they can act to work towards a good cause or for the benefit of all involved in a given situation. Think public service announcements and outreach videos from charities.

If your brand needs to tell a story, a video is often the way to go. People are usually more willing to sit through a few minutes of video than they are to read a long blog post, regardless of whether or not the two pieces of content take the same amount of time to consume. What can we say? We (web users in general) really like videos!

Complicated ideas or concepts that would take a little more time to explain can be demonstrated or illustrated using a short video presentation. Consider creating a video to demo a product or service versus trying describe it in a blog post, podcast, or infographic. With video users are exposed to both visual and audio cues, making things much easier to understand in less time.

And of course who can forget good old-fashioned entertainment! Releasing a video is certainly an ideal way to show off your brand’s fun side and let your hair down.

Getting your audience involved

Producing your own videos is a great idea, but after a while it can get a little one-sided. If you really want people to engage with your brand, why not encourage them to create their own videos to share with you?

Big-name brands often hold contests in order to get their audience more involved with their brand. Users can submit videos based on a theme and the brand then chooses the best submission – the creator of that video then receives a prize of some kind, even if that is only recognition from the brand through its various social channels.

Regardless of what incentives you provide or which avenue you choose to take, you really cannot go wrong with a user-generated video initiative. Depending on your target audience you could see a marked increase in engagement and user satisfaction as more people make a connection with your brand.

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