Do you want your YouTube channel to be successful? Then follow these tips below.

  1. Video is now hotter than ever for marketing

The love affair that America has with video has only accelerated during the pandemic, according to a recent report. One significant finding in the report was that 68% of consumers surveyed said that they changed their online video consumption habits in 2020 with 96% reporting to watch more videos. Businesses, in turn, responded with a 24% uptick in first-time video use by marketers while 69% of those that held out vowed to invest in video marketing in 2021.

  1. You Can Easily Set Up a YouTube Channel

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It is relatively simple to set up your business’ YouTube channel. The first step is to set up a new ‘brand account’ on Google. Ideally, you should keep this account separate from your personal Google account since this will essentially be the central command for your business. You can easily delegate management of your channel to a colleague through this brand account as the channel takes off.

The YouTube Creator Academy provides a quick start guide to take you step-by-step through the mechanics of setting up.

You should be prepared. Besides your videos, the set-up process will prompt you to market your channel with 3 key assets:

– Channel Art: The banner that greets all who visit your channel – both newbies and subscribers. Ensure that it is impressive and colorful. It should ideally be large (2560 x 1440 pixels), but it shouldn’t exceed 4MB. Helpful templates can be found at Adobe Spark, Canva,, or Shopify’s – Continue Reading Below

– Channel Trailer: It is the snippet of video that provides a sneak peek at your channel’s content. It auto-plays for new visitors. Ensure that it is short and make it shine. It could make the difference between subscribing to and passing on your YouTube channel.

– Channel Icon: It is the thumbnail photo badge or graphic that’s linked to your brand account. If you would like to add in your headshot, here’s where to do it. Whatever you end up choosing, it needs to be a high-resolution JPG, PNG, or BMP file that’s readily identifiable with your business.

  1. A Smartphone and Lights Are All You Need to Get Started

It has never been easier or cheaper to produce a high-quality video. If you own a smartphone, just get one of the free or inexpensive video editing software tools available and you can quickly get started.

You can consider incremental equipment upgrades as the channel takes off. Two great starter pieces are a gimbal and DSLR camera. You may even choose to invest in better lighting. If you are unsure of where to start, UScreen provides a 12-point checklist of the suggested equipment to buy with various price points.

  1. Increase the Competitiveness of Your YouTube Channel Through Optimization

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YouTube is an incredibly powerful search engine, but if you would like your business to show up more in YouTube searches, you have a great deal of competition. A 2019 study by Statista showed that over 500 hours of video are uploaded to the platform each minute. Including properly researched keywords in your channel – including the video’s title, description, file name, and tags is perhaps the single most effective way to stand out.

Keywords are simply words of phrases that your target market would most likely use when searching for information related to your product or service and help lead search engines to your channel.

If you aren’t sure of what qualifies as a keyword, you can check the competition to find out which words show up more frequently on their websites. You can then brainstorm a list of your own ideas and feed it into software tools such as Keywords Everywhere or TubeBuddy. You can see the number of times each term has been used each month, what the competition is for it, and even how much it will likely cost to advertise against it. You can buy YT views as you build up your profile.

  1. Review Your Marketing Strategy on YouTube Regularly

After optimizing your channel, don’t forget to check the accuracy of your plan by regularly logging onto YouTube Analytics. As its name might suggest, the program allows you to analyze your channel’s overall traffic, the popularity of various videos, and the demographics that connect with it most. It will help you identify emerging trends in your market.Advertisement – Continue Reading Below

All this information will help you refine your video marketing strategy. The YouTube Creator Academy provides a great video course on how to properly use YouTube Analytics.

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