Let’s start with Youtube vs Facebook video comparison

What if I tell you – We need a different video content for different social media platform.

Don’t believe me? 

Check this out – video marketing on facebook  vs youtube comparison for same video -> 11 unusual beaches on earth

Facebook – 61 million views 

Facebook Video Link

YouTube – 33k views

So, if you are creating the same content for all the platform, it might not fetch you the desired results.

Read on to know how Facebook and Youtube are different platforms 

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The most common mistake companies are doing when it comes to digital video marketing is making the same video content and video marketing strategy for Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook is not competing with YouTube on videos/ video marketing but infact complementing it. We have had some learning at VidSaga regarding digital video marketing which I am trying to give away to you.

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What is the user’s behaviour on youtube vs facebook

When someone logs in on youtube, she is mentally prepared to watch a video content so she puts on her earphones, have generally a suitable place and has some time (10 – 15 min) to consume content.

But this is not the case with Facebook. When someone logs in on Facebook, he is not mentally prepared to watch video content but then a video with catchy headline, thumbnail, and description catches his attention or he sees many of his friends are sharing the same content piece. 

He clicks on it out of curiosity but now caught off guard. He might not have earphones handy or he might not be at a place where he can switch on his speakers and he might not have that much time to consume a lengthy video. So what he does – he may save it for the future or may decide to watch it anyway, may be muted.

A Youtube video view is counted after 30 seconds of a person has watched it. The views will be further frozen to check whether the video views are authentic or not.

While Facebook video view is counted just after 3 seconds of watching the facebook video.

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Main Difference between Facebook and Youtube

The DNA of Youtube and facebook are different. Youtube is a video hosting platform which is run by its parent organization – Google (Alphabet)

Google’s DNA is search and hence the same DNA is applicable to Youtube. What this essentially means is that – Videos which we create are properly ‘searchable’

Where is a Facebook is a ‘video also’ sharing platform and its DNA is ‘virality’. Infact we need Facebook only to make ‘Youtube video’ viral. Having said that, the problem with Facebook is that it is difficult to search for a particular video 

So which platform is best for which type of videos?

Youtube  – Create video content with a Long term strategy. Create awesome videos, add value to your audience’s life, gain subscribers over a period, build your channel and video marketing.

Facebook – Snackable video which can be consumed and shared with your network.

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What is YouTube from Video Marketers POV?

Consider Youtube as an extended Blog section where you specifically publish video content.

So whatever content is working for you for Text blog, we can create a video out of it. 

Important thing to remember is to do proper YouTube SEO, so that Google can show your video for appropriate search query and it helps in your Youtube video marketing.

What are the ways a YouTube video can be seen/ viewed

– If someone makes a search (Google’s DNA) – Same SEO concept applicable

– If you have good subscribers base (Unlike FB, everyone gets a notification)

– Influencer Marketing – Influencers/ Celebrities with good no.of followers shares it in their network

– Paid Promotion on Youtube and other platforms

“Why YouTube is not for short term? – Because we can not buy subscribers or accelerate the process of getting the subscribers”

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How Facebook has positioned itself differently?

Facebook identified this gap and made its platform for short term strategy. Consider it more like a media platform like TV. We can promote our video to our audience in a more targeted way. 

Shelf life of a video on FB is 2-3 days and then it’s gone, you can not search for it (unless someone specifically visits video section of your page) but at the same time this time window is also enough if you promote it effectively.

Facebook gives you the option to buy page likes, video promotion cost effectively etc.

Tips for Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook is all about sharing content with your friends. So we need to create that content which compels people to share.

Easy, right? Ok, let me share a couple of ideas regarding Facebook video marketing strategy

  1. Create a video on a person’s characteristics. For example if you are into the business of ‘Food’, create a video on ‘Foodie’ and ask people to tag their ‘Foodie’ friend

Check out this video


2. Listicles Videos

Its a normal human behaviour to rate things. We all have curiosity to know Top 10 Hotels in the world, Top 10 beaches in the world etc.  And like Myths vs Reality videos, it can get a pass on. 


Some Technical things to remember for Facebook video vs Youtube

  • Majority of people watch a Facebook video without sound, so either create a video which can be understood without audio or add subtitles in the video
  • As most of the people browse Facebook while they are on micro break, keep the duration as short as possible. Ideally should be less than 60 seconds
  • Add a good Thumbnail for the video
  • Add a personalised description  

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Our aim to write this article was to establish the fact that we should not create the same video content strategy for both the platform. There is a fundamental difference between the 2 platforms and we should consider that. 

We can share youtube videos on facebook but we can’t share facebook video on youtube. A simple and obvious fact but often forgotten while creating social video marketing strategy.

Hope it is useful.  Let us know if you have any comments/ feedback at team(at)vidsaga(dot)com

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