At StoryMe, we believe moving your prospects through the marketing funnel is all about speaking to them with the right content at the right time. This time, we want to highlight the use of video in the consideration phase. At this point, your prospects know who you are, but they’re still learning about your product or service and determining if you’re the right fit for them. Read on to learn how online video can help you gain trust, stand out and prove the value of your brand! 


1. Gain trust with the right testimonial video

Testimonials have a natural brand-boosting effect. Don’t you connect more to what other people say about a brand than what the brand itself says? Exactly! Letting your customers or employees speak on camera gives your brand a more genuine and trustworthy appeal.

There are plenty of ways to use testimonial videos, from highlighting a great collaboration to asking customers what they think. Either way, you’ll encourage word of mouth and convert sceptical buyers or applicants a lot faster with testimonial video! 


Decathlon & StoryMe testimonial 

2. Pack all your product or service details in a clear explainer video

In the consideration phase, your prospects want to find out more about your product. They’re probably comparing you to your competitors, and trying to find the reasons why they should choose your company over others. An explainer video is a perfect way to clarify your unique selling propositions at this point! Rather than sending people to a website with an information overload, video allows you to share all the necessary information in little time

USP Explainer Video for Ubie

3. Attract attention and stand out with interactive video

When it comes to standing out from the other companies in your industry, interactive video is king! It’s perfect to grab your audience’s attention and engage them in a new way. Your prospects will spend a lot more time watching an interactive video than a regular video, meaning you’ll have a greater chance of letting them connect to your brand rather than another brand. 

The example below is an interactive video we made for Liantis. Interactive videos like these increase the time on page as viewers enjoy the different interactions and are curious to watch all the different video paths, so they’ll restart the video several times. And most importantly, interactive video converts a lot more than other types of video ads!

Interactive Video for Liantis 


Remember that consideration stage content is super important, because this is when you can push your prospects towards choosing your brand over others. So it’s time to get serious about proving your benefits and building trust – and videos like these help you do just that! Of course, these are just some of the ways video can help to convince your prospects,  but these video types are the ones that have worked best in our experience!


Want to learn more about which videos work best for each stage of the funnel?

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