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Creating strong video content for your business is a powerful way to reach a variety of markets and engage your audience. However, when businesses have poorly produced videos they often end up doing more harm than good. Your video is a reflection of your brand so to help ensure that you get off on the right foot with your Video Marketing strategy, here are the top ten mistakes in Video Marketing for you to avoid.


1. Having No Objective

Are you making a video for the sake of it? What is the purpose of your video? Is it good branding? If you have no purpose or objective for your video, then you will never know if you have gained what you set out to achieve. Once you have an aim, you will be able to create a video that will help achieve those aims; for example, you can plan your script and storyboard in accordance with achieving your objectives.


2. Not Branding Your Video

You could create a stunning, very popular video that gets thousands of views but if you don’t brand it then you have not produced a successful video. Your audience needs to know who you are so that they can remember you, search for you, purchase from you and even recommend you. If you don’t emphasise your brand or your company name in your video, how are your viewers supposed to know who you are or find you?


3. Making It Too Long

Research tells us that 20% of people click away from a video after just ten seconds if it is not engaging enough and the more time you add to a video, the less likely people are to watch it through to the end. This is really important to consider when producing a video because you will want to ensure that you get all of the messages across quickly and effectively so that your target audience are receiving the messages that you want them to. A well planned video that engages viewers will have more views right to the end.


4. Giving Out Too Many Messages

When producing a successful video you need to have a strong message that you want to convey to your audience. Having a clear objective will help you to understand what message you want to send out. If you give out too many messages in a short period of time, you risk confusing your viewers. They will not know what to take away from your video so it is best to stick to key points. This way your viewers will understand exactly what you want them to.


5. No Call To Action

What action do you want your target market to take after viewing your video? Why not tell them or ask them to perform this? Include a call to action within your video to encourage your audience to take that action. By not leaving a call to action in your video you are leaving your viewers and your target audience with no action to take, meaning they are unlikely to do anything at all. Make it clear what you want them to do and you are more likely to see results.


6. Not Using SEO

Just posting your video online and hoping your viewers will find it, is not enough. One of the foremost aims of anyone creating a video is to get it found and viewed, for this to happen, you need to optimise the video. SEO is important for boosting your search engine ranking and increasing your chances of being found. If you don’t use optimisation techniques then your video will not work for you. We have lots of videos on our You Tube channel that can give you information and tips for optimising your videos. So watch and subscribe for help!


7. Expecting Instant Results

In an age where most things are quick and instant, it is important to remember that some things you have to be patient with, video is one of those things. It is unlikely that your video will gain thousands of views in just a few days and you do have to work at views by optimising your video and marketing it. If you are patient and work to achieve views and popularity, your video will work well for you.


8. Unsuitable Placement Of Selling Points

You need to ensure that you place your selling points and your call to action suitably in your video. As previously mentioned, viewer engagement tends to drop towards the end of your video, if your audience click off before seeing your call to action or selling point then they will not know what action to take after viewing the video and you may not achieve your objectives.


9. Failing To Speak To Your Target Audience

Focus your messages on your target market. Trying to appeal to everyone won’t work as different people have different interests. By not focusing on just your target audience, you run the risk that your message won’t be received or acted upon by anyone. You will already know who your target market is and what they want, use that information to adapt messages and develop a script.
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