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In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we look at the different types of videos you should use for different video advertising on YouTube. There are different ad groups, each with their own features so it makes sense to tailor your video content to each one. This week, we are joined by Ryan Noel of Clean Cut Marketing, a company that specializes in video advertising. He explains the different types of ad groups available on YouTube:


  • In-display – which includes YouTube search
  • In-stream – the pre/mid/post-roll format


Best Video Format for YouTube In-Display Advertising

In-display ads are going to show up next to other videos and Ryan recommends limiting the network for your in-display ads to YouTube Search so you can target specific keywords. That ensures that your advertising is returned to viewers who are actually searching for the keyboards that you are bidding on which hopefully means they will be more receptive to your video advertising.

For this type of advertising, you want to give more than the standard 30 seconds, so aim for a minute to a minute and a half of advertising content. You should aim to give the viewer as much information as possible. This works well on informational keyword searches where the viewer’s intent is to seek information and watch that type of content for a little longer. A great example of an extended in-display video ad is this one from FitBit that promotes its Flex device. Notice how much it packs in to give the viewer a really good overview of the product.

Of course, with in-display ads you can also customize the thumbnail and the accompanying text to make the ad as enticing as possible. You can also link the add to your Channel page too which makes for a great call to action feature.


Best Video Format for YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising

The in-stream advertising format is one we are all very familiar with, if only because we pounce on the ‘Skip Ad’ button after the mandatory first five seconds are up. If the video you use for this ad format is 30 seconds or less, you will be charged if the video is watched to completion. However, if the video lasts longer than 30 seconds, if viewers watch 31 seconds and more, that’s when you as an advertiser gets charged.

It’s best practice to optimize the first few seconds of this content to get the viewers attention so they don’t automatically skip, but Ryan recommends taking the 90 second video you have used for your in-display ad and editing that into a shorter snack-sized 30 second clip that can be used for your in-stream ad. Set up an annotation with an extreme call to action at the end of this type of ad to guide the viewer into clicking through to your channel, or to on off-site link such as your own website property, or a social media channel like Facebook.

This Crazy Egg explainer video had extensive play as a pre-roll ad. It’s 2.38 minutes long but it’s engaging, packed with info, and

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