Videos are virtually everywhere, mostly because they are incredibly engaging. And whether we find them funny, touching or appalling, we certainly don’t struggle to find them. However, posting just any video means it’s likely to get lost in the abyss than be a game-changer for your business. To complicate matters, more views doesn’t always equal more revenue, which may leave you asking yourself: Why aren’t my fans becoming clients? Are my efforts really helping my bottom line?

The most valuable marketing inspires your audience to become long-term, free-spending regulars, and video is no exception. Yet, it won’t happen without careful strategizing.

With how-to or tutorial videos, you can introduce your business to your ideal audience. By incorporating video into email outreach and driving conversions with interactive elements, you form connections with fans and future guests. And when you use your videos’ descriptions and comments, you generate interest in your offerings that lead to increased revenue.

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Author: Jenna Gross
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