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The goal of any sales enablement program is to increase each sales rep’s overall sales and performance. Video content is a great tool to communicate proper performance behaviors and provide support to your sales team.

By combining speech and visuals to train your staff, your sales team can access the content they need to prepare for customer presentations and content prospecting via their desktop, tablets or mobile phones. When building your video content library, include the following content types to complement the existing tools in your sales enablement program.

Sales Presentations

It is important to create up-to-date sales presentations to help your sales staff get up to speed on new product rollouts or provide training to help them master the art of the sale. In fact, the best sales training videos help sales reps overcome objections and answer any questions potential buyers may have about your offerings.

For training videos, think about ways to support an informal learning approach within a controlled learning environment. This structured learning context is fundamental, necessary and valuable in its own right. No matter what sales strategies you use to connect with the customer, a library filled with sales presentations can help your team position and sell your products or services effectively.

Product Videos

Potential customers love to view how-to content that shows the product in action and helps to prevent buyer’s remorse. The most persuasive product videos offer the viewer useful content that boosts either their pre- or post-purchase knowledge. These videos also cut down time-consuming sales calls and emails and helps persuade serious buyers to connect with your product.

Video knowledge sharing can help your sales team dive deeper into your products’ key selling points and promote sales enablement through more meaningful communication. In addition, an informative product video may function as a simple video brochure, providing in-depth information to your prospect about your company’s specialized solutions.

Customer Testimonialssales

A buyer may be hesitant to sign the dotted line if there is any doubt that your company cannot solve their problems. Customer success stories help to boost credibility and convince new customers that you have provided satisfaction to people with similar problems and stories.

To use this product-marketing tool wisely, film three- to five-minute videos that highlight how your product or service addresses common challenges and have your customers discuss the positive outcomes of using your specialized solution. Also, when your sales team members meet a new contact or prospect, they can send a link to these customer testimonial videos via email or through social media conversations.

Marketing Tool Training Sessions

Newsletters, blog posts, email communications and sales sheets are tools that effectively engage customers, build relationships and help sales representatives sell more products and services. To train your sales team on the proper use of these marketing communication tools, you can use video to help them focus their sales enablement and lead generation efforts in the right places. By creating a set of training videos that complement your key marketing communication templates, you can train your staff on ways to address buyer’s concerns and questions in a systematic and professional way.

Author: Dorian Travers
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