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Videos has become massively popular on the internet over the past few years, especially in advertising and marketing, and it is proving to be extremely useful for social media marketing too.

Websites like YouTube and Vevo has played a massive influence in the rise of video online and with most social media websites being free, it is easier than ever to share your videos with friends, followers and potential customers – perfect for businesses.

Having a video strategy to use through social media is important and if you get it right, it can be simple with great results. A company that specialise in creating video campaigns for a number of clients throughout the UK,, have given some tips to help business use video as part of their social media marketing campaign. They say:

Be creative! – Don’t just follow what your competitors or big brands are doing, work out something unique that will make you stand out and be different to anyone before you.

Be short and sweet – When creating a video, you have a limited window where you can lose your audiences interest, so aim for a video between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Be straight to the point, showcasing the important information.

Don’t always try a hard sell – Over-promotional content is an audience ‘turn-off’ and will have an adverse impact on your audience. Try to be helpful and informational without being too ‘salesy’.

Test which video works best – Don’t be afraid to try new things. You have to try different ideas so you can see what type of video your audience prefer. No one is the same so one thing might grab the attention of one customer but not another, so be flexible.

Understand your audience – As mentioned, your audience is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Think about who you want to target, the message you want to get across and what sort of feedback you want from the video. These will all help you understand what content to produce and who to aim it at.

So, these are things you can think about when creating a video, and here are some video ideas you can use:

Behind the scenes – these videos show off the personality of your brand and give customer a view into the workplace. This is a great way to be informal and engage your audience.

Questions & Answers – Q&A’s are extremely helpful for your audience and help your credibility without being over promotional.

Introductions – Introductory videos can be a new service or product or even a staff member and can be informational or engaging. If someone is looking for a product, this type of video will be perfect for them.

Reviews – A firm favourite among businesses, reviews are an easy way to engage with your audience and can include a customer explaining how useful a product or service was. Recommendations and reviews are gold dust for your social media campaign.

Using video on social media is simpler than ever before, but has the potential to produce extraordinary results. By creating a useful video that contains the relevant information, is engaging and has call-to-actions, your social media marketing campaign could see a massive uplift.

Author: Thomas Stocks
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