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Right now, online video marketing is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to attract traffic to your site. It is an absolute proven killer conversion creator and sales-getting machine.
How to Do Online Video like an Expert

The smartest marketers have already figured it out in expensive easy-to-do video marketing strategies and you’ll also hear from regular folks who are just killing it online with video.

How can you crush it with video and don’t have big email subscribe list, joint venture partners, and slick copywriting skills?

In market after market, video help to do two things really well. It’ll help you get more traffic and then it’ll help to take that traffic and convert it into more sales. If you can only do two things really well, those are two pretty good things


How an online video sales more than any other technique?

First, as an internet marketer you want to sale tons of products and services online so you can help your customers, take care of your family, go on cool trips, do fun stuff, and make money. You’ve seen the big marketing launches in the industry over the recent years. And yes big marketers use video when it’s time to launch their stuff online.

Video does crush it but works for a lot more than launches. What you need to know is that when the smartest marketers in the world are using a marketing technique that can and has made millions of dollars of sales in just days.

Video converts viewers into buyers. Just look at Amazon’s Kindle who has already tested and figured it out big time.

On their product page, the very first thing the eye sees is a video. The video occupies the most valuable screen real stay that an Amazon product page has. The area of the page is even more powerful than the other area that most people incorrectly think is most important – the customer reviews.

Amazon decided that in the most valuable area of the product page of their most successful product they’d have a video. It’s so simple, just a short easy little video with no actor or spokesperson, a stocked music, a bunch of still photos that zoom and pan around and some text that moves. You could do a video like this in nothing more than Microsoft’s Powerpoint or Apple’s Keynote, and you could do it like 2 hours. It’s only a couple of minutes long.

Ask yourself, if Amazon isn’t creating expensive, complicated, super glitzy video on their featured product sales page, should you? They chose to do “simple”. If you’re nervous about your skills and it’s stopping you, maybe you should think about video again.

Conversion with video simply rocks but let’s talk about getting visitors and traffic to your site.

Before we talk ‘traffic’, first you need to know why online video marketing is cursed.

Most marketers are freaked out by video because they’re afraid of the technology and intimidated, incorrectly think that it takes too much time or costs way too much, and afraid of losing time. But all these assumptions are wrong. They don’t use what they are afraid of and there’s a huge gap with very little competition.

Don’t compete in the search engines with the learning channel. Competing on a website that got a lot of backlinks is not a good idea. Backlinks stay as a majority of what makes a page rank well in a search engine. There’s a couple of important factors but backlinks which are links from other pages of the web pointing to your own webpage play a major part in rankings.

When you see video results right on Google search, your competition are usually amateurs and not professional marketers. They have far more less backlinks than the learning channels and popular webpages. Bad video from people who are not even marketers is getting ranked and it’s getting traffic, getting massive results.

So now, you can either compete with the learning channels, webpage by webpage, against all their professional designers, writers, and strategists which has 800+ backlinks or you can go head to head with amateur videos which has 10 or so incoming links. These people doesn’t know a lot about online video and Marketing.

Videos have ranked greater in search engines with far less SEO effort than regular web pages. When video is everywhere (at least somewhere), and if you don’t have it, will your visitors think you’re legitmate, buy your product/service and trust you?

This means now is the time to take advantage of this huge gaps and other lack of skilled competition. This is where we get into “video is cursed” part of the conversation.

Video is now Cheap to Make

Marketers are afraid of the cost, of the complexity or just seeing their faces on camera.

But given with so many resources around, you don’t even need to have a camera or any other video equipment as what most people think. You don’t really need expensive equipment.

Ask some people who are not marketing guru types. In fact they haven’t have big product launch but they do use video to help get tons of traffic and sell tons of their products.

The best part of this is they’re not professional videographers, trained video editors, or public speakers, most of them don’t even appear anywhere on videos and uses a lot of slideshow video. They figured it up as they went along and copied some of what they saw from other video marketers site and got remarkable results.

Author: Bruce Gibson
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