Story time: YouTube is adding a button to quickly make TikTok-style videos

If TikTok’s explosive growth has proven one thing, it’s that short-form videos are not something that social platforms can afford to pass on — they’re catchy, they help improve app retention rates, and they’re attracting more ad dollars than ever before. Google has certainly realized this, and it’s making sure that YouTube adapts to changing times. In its latest attempt to make it easier to produce short videos, the video platform is experimenting with a prominent Create button.

The button appears under select music videos and lets users create 15-second Shorts without leaving the current screen. Upon tapping the button, the app will open the camera to let users shoot a video with the currently playing music. Alternatively, they can also import videos from the gallery.

Once recording is complete, there are a few additional things that can be tinkered around with. It’s possible to adjust exactly which part of the music is used for the Shorts. If needed, users can even completely change the song and select one from a catalog provided within the app. Annotations can also add text to the video. Once everything is edited and ready to go, it can simply be published to the channel from the same workflow, or shots can be saved, then accessed and uploaded later.

Currently, it seems like the Create button is only available for YouTube users in India. It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t show up under all music videos, likely due to licensing restrictions.

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