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Where do you find videos on the internet? Five years ago you might have said YouTube, but there is a new contender for the title of video content champion; its name is Facebook.

Did you know that by 2017, video is predicted to own 74% of all internet traffic? 2017 is coming quickly, and the time to prepare is now. There are so many different video platforms to choose from, but judging from the numbers, Facebook might just be the way to go.

One year ago, Facebook-hosted videos received 4 billion views a day. By November, that number had doubled. Facebook’s membership is over 1.5 billion users and over 100 million hours a day are spent watching video.

Facebook allows you to target specific demographics with your videos. Facebook offers thorough video metrics so that you can see who is watching your video, and how long they watch it. Having an inside view of these statistics will help you optimize your video content and reach more potential customers with every future campaign.

In the past, most videos featured on Facebook were shared from YouTube. Facebook has been improving their own video hosting capabilities, and while YouTube still averages far more daily views than Facebook does, the social network does offer some advantages for the viewer.

The average Facebook video is under 1 minute and 30 seconds long and Facebook users tend to scroll quickly through their news feed. YouTube videos can only be shared if the user clicks on the external link, but when a video is uploaded directly to Facebook, the video begins to play automatically as the user scrolls by. This feature can drastically increase your number of views and users reached.

The truth is if you’re creating video content you will want to post it on YouTube; but take advantage of other platforms, specifically Facebook. With a membership of more than 20% of the world population, you can rest assured that your videos will reach a strong audience of future customers and clients.

Author: Matt Angel
Courtesy: www.getfluid.com

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